So You Wanna Be an Antiwar Progressive Political Star?

People who oppose wars from the start are treated like crap in America. Even among pacifists on the left, the politicians who get the most credibility when they oppose wars are those with military experience.

3 thoughts on “So You Wanna Be an Antiwar Progressive Political Star?

  1. Anti-war Democrats will love you !

    Nailed it, Ted, And that great mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz claimed that this was le meilleur des mondes possibles (he wrote in French). Stop it, I want to get off….


  2. And these assholes blame everyone to their left for their election losses.

    As if these conservative asshole Democrats own me and everyone else who’s not a Republican.

  3. The dark secret is out.

    Fake progressives are pro-war.

    Fake progressives like to pretend they aren’t pro-war and know that true fake progressives won’t call other true fake progressives out on their dark secret.

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