Trump’s War Against Democratic Taxpayers

The Republican tax bill departs from tradition to specifically target citizens of Democratic states with higher taxes via the elimination of the deductions for real estate taxes and state and local income taxes, both of which are more important in the coastal states where those taxes are high. What else will the Republicans do to make life difficult for Democrats?

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  • > What else will the Republicans do to make life difficult for Democrats?

    Win elections.

  • (dang, it’s too easy to hit the ‘Post’ button…)

    Continuing – Komrade Trumpinov has opened up our coastal waterways to offshore drilling. But not in Florida (red state) – however, it’ll be perfectly acceptable on the Left Coast (blue states)

    Theoretically, it opens up a marine sanctuary in Washington. Oh, look! There’s still some native life being protected! Kill it! KILL IT NOW!

  • The only relevant question is: what has the Democratic Party done to make life difficult for Democratic voters? (It is the PURPOSE of the GOP to try to do so.)

    Short list:
    1) lose control of 30-32 state governorships/legislatures
    2) lost control of both houses of congress
    3) forget the electoral college rules relating to presidential elections
    4) blew $1.2 billion of donors’ money on history’s most flaccid presidential campaign
    5) when confronted with history’s least popular presidential opponent, committed intra-mural election fraud against history’s most popular presidential candidate to nominate, instead, history’s second-least popular presidential candidate
    6) prove its spineless, feckless idiocy regarding 1-5, above, by
    a) trying to blame it all on Russia
    b) acting as if the incontrovertibly shit condition of the country arrived, as if out of a
    complete vacuum, on 21Jan2017 [see “Surrender: How the Clinton(s’)
    Administration Completed the Reagan Revolution” ISBN 9780472086764]

    • Now, now, falco, somethings are better left unsaid (in particular your fifth point above)….

      But of course, it’s all the fault of that nefarious Gospodin Putin (as, opposed, say, to that delightful Mar Netanyahu, Mr Trump’s connexions to whom, Mr Mueller for some strange reason is not investigating)….


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