To Not Know Him Is To Love Him

After the January 6th Capitol riot, social media companies blocked Donald Trump’s accounts. His poll numbers, which had been awful, began to creep up. Now he’s being silenced again by being stuck in court four days a week and subject to a partial gag order, and the same phenomenon is happening again. The less voters hear from the former president, the better they like him.

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 29, 2024 7:44 AM

    Watching CNN’s “coverage” of the wait for the jury to show up to get instructions before beginning deliberations. As Chandler would say, “Can they BE any more obvious?” Did they “report” on what the jurors had for breakfast? The MSM will go broke once Trump leaves the stage.

    One of the commentators was just foaming at the mouth about how terrible Donald Trump is for the country. I keep seeing NOTHING from Trump supporters. Remember Pauline Kael’s “None of my friends voted for Nixon”? She wasn’t criticizing the Nixon voters; she was acknowledging her own political bubble — that she must be missing something due to a lack of exposure to what the Nixon backers were seeing.

    Guilty verdict or not, Trump will turn it into political advantage. He’s already declared the trial rigged. None of his supporters will change their minds. The MSM needs to stop convincing the people who already agree with them.

    And sorry about Ed Hall.

  • MSM refuses to acknowledge that they have blown the public’s trust for many legitimate reasons, going at least as far back as “NAFTA/WTO will be good for American workers” and proceeding on through Iraq, Afghanistan, how wonderful Obama was, and many more. By the time of Trump’s first Presidential campaign in 2016, enough people were had figured out MSM’s slant so that their dissing of Trump backfired, and will continue to backfire.

    And yes, the prosecution of Trump IS politically motivated. I was impressed when I heard Ryan Grim, who, like me, is no Trump fan, go into great detail on this on a recent Breaking Points segment.

    • alex_the_tired
      May 29, 2024 11:59 AM

      Trump’s “Mother Teresa” line? It’s a perfect example of how he controls the narrative. If he beats the wrap, he’s not just greater than Jesus, he’s greater than Mother Teresa. If he loses, well, he already told us why. His narrative is completely self-consistent. Prediction: If Trump gets off, Biden will cancel the debates.

      • The debates are rigged. Joe will have the questions and answers in advance, and might be reading from notes or from a Teleprompter. If Trump says ‘Teleprompter’, they’ll all say he’s lying (or the room will be set up so Trump can’t see Joe’s Teleprompter). Trump can’t ask any questions, his mike will be cut off except when he’s answering a question. They figure Joe will be able to manage well enough.

      • @michaelwme how do you know any of this? I’m expecting that we’ll see the actual candidates: Biden and his inability to form a sentence; Trump and his free-associating run-on sentences. As a person who is not so good at speaking, I don’t care much about speaking. I hope they’ll have time to cover some policy issues: abortion, immigration, poverty, racism, Israel, Ukraine, Medicare for all, universal basic income, etc.

  • Once upon a time, the US had an independent news source in most counties, with a locally owned and operated newspaper. No more. Not only are there few newspapers, they’re all owned by about 5 corporations, and they have to iterate the corporate narrative.
    CNN and MSNBC know Trump is guilty as sin, as does the New York Times and similar newspapers. The district attorney, prosecutors, and judge are doing a great job, and have irrefutably confirmed Trump’s guilt.

    Fox News and New York Post know Trump is innocent as a newborn babe, and the prosecutors, district attorney, and judge are biased and doing every dirty trick to convict Trump.

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