Trump Might Not Leave Voluntarily

President Trump says that he does not promise to necessarily leave the White House quietly or nonviolently even if he loses the election.

8 thoughts on “Trump Might Not Leave Voluntarily

  1. Nothing at all strange in that, Ted – if Mr Trump loses the election, it was obviously a fake election, and thus null and void. Think of all those mail-in ballots !… 😉


  2. The path for the election will be as follows: if Trump dies, he will leave the White House. The election will, procedurally, collapse. Eventually, the dems will save the day by caving in, like they always do. Joe, um, Biden will congratulate the winner and concede graciously. All of this will be because Hillary Clinton tried to steal the election back in 2016.
    If Trump does not die, it will be much the same as above. Having figured out how to win at any cost (a thing Hillary Clinton wanted but didn’t have the smarts to calculate: Trump truly is sui generis in that regard), Trump’s already got this thing sewn up. This election will make the United States the laughingstock of the world as far as elections go (we’re already the laughingstock on things like education, healthcare, etc.) because it will boil down to this: We couldn’t count all the ballots in time and the courts delayed so many of the contests that we weren’t able to declare a winner. Again, all of this is because Hillary Clinton rigged the 2016 democratic primary and then lost the general election.
    If Trump does not die and Biden actually wins? He’ll leave office. Why? Because he’s got no other choice. I mean, c’mon. What’s he gonna do? Shut off the lights and stay below the level of the windows?

    • «If Trump does not die and Biden actually wins? He’ll leave office. Why? Because he’s got no other choice.» Couldn’t he stay at Walter Reed ? And be attended to by a colleague with the sharpest, best fitting white lab coat I’ve ever seen in all my years in the medical profession ?…


      • You mean Sean Conley? The guy goes to my gym. He is shredded. He’s pushing plate 25/8. He’s so ripped they call him Jack He’s so jacked they call him Rip. …
        But seriously, the next shoe to drop is that um, Biden comes down with it. Even if he doesn’t, the QAnon Qwowd will claim that Biden actually died and the guy we see now is a duplicate.
        This entire thing is going be like Homer Simpson walking down the basement steps in the dark carrying a stack of bowling balls.

  3. Dick Nixon asked how many divisions the Supreme Court had when contemplating its and his decision on the possession of his telephone tapes.

    Nixon was a relative gentleman in the domestic domain in comparison to Trump, and more bound by the personal need to maintain an overt appearance of convention, of the rule of law.

    But Trump lives to overcome the law, not to fulfill the law.

    Trump threatens to become what has been spoken of when saying “It Can’t Happen Here.”

    • Message to the binary minded:

      Just because one has a criticism of Trump does not mean there must also be an implied praise for Biden.

      Each is despicable in his own distinct (and also common) ways.

      I am continuing my practice of voting for none of the above by voting for a preferred candidate (who is not going to win) in order to demonstrate that my vote is available (as if that matters to the duopoly).

      Don’t vote for what you don’t want because you might get it without anyone to blame but yourself.

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