Trump Convicted on the Wrong 34 Counts

Donald Trump committed countless crimes without being held accountable. So it’s a weird reflection of our societal priorities that the one offense for which he is being held accountable is a relatively trivial paperwork charge.

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  • alex_the_tired
    June 17, 2024 9:00 AM

    I don’t think this was a “crime against capitalism.” In the neoliberals who control everything are Papa, the Trump and Good Ol’ Smilin’ Joe are two of the children. And they’re fighting over who gets to ride the horsey. And Joe’s side has come up with some ideas on how to get Trump sent to his room without supper.

    But this stunt with Trump? For a bookkeeping crime? C’mon, man. Cut the malarkey. Back in the 1950s and 60s, the CIA would interfere with elections in other countries to make sure the CIA-desired candidates won and would do things the U.S. liked. This is basically the same thing. Try to get Trump into prison any way they can. For anything. Whispering in a Delaware church, carrying an ice cream cone in his back pocket in Georgia, taking a nap in an Illinois cheese factory.

  • In the USA, even crimes against capitalism usually go unpunished if you are a well-connected, rich white man. These guys simply say a few mea culpas, plea-bargain the crime down to parking on the pavement, pay a fine, and it becomes an insignificant part of history. But, yes, even the privileged have to play by these rules. If you won’t plea, and instead spend a lot of time tormenting other well-connected, privileged individuals, then it could end up worse. (No, even so, not as badly as it would go for a non-rich person of color.) It’s not that Biden has brought this on Trump. It is that Trump has chosen this torturous route, presumably because he has determined that it will help him in his re-election campaign.

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