Trump’s Cabinet, In General

Donald Trump has appointed a surprising number of generals to civilian cabinet positions, prompting fears that his administration will feel more like a military junta than a traditional government with civilians in charge.

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  • So, Hillary was bad because she’d start WW3. my fucking brain hurts.

    • Trump is an open raging fire.

      Hillary is a fire smothered by a blanket emitting carbon monoxide.

      Breathing carbon monoxide will give you a bad headache before it puts you into the long sleep no one awakens from.

      If you are planning on a long sleep without offering any resistance then Hillary is a good choice.

    • «The odds were better with Hillary no matter how bad she is.» Tyler, are you at liberty to divulge the algorithm you employed to calculate those odds ?…


    • «snort» Well, snorting is certainly one method to ingest, e g, cocaine, Tyler, but as an algorithm for calculating odds, it has its limits…. 😉


  • There’s the belief that people who have served/are serving as military are less likely to send their neighbors kids off to die for their own economic adventurisms. Of course, the Officer Corps ain’t the Non-Com crew. Meantime, the only person(s) Kankles has ever served is herself … and her Zionist masters. Go ahead, tell me that she doesn’t grovel at the feet of warlords of white Jewish Supremacy ~

    First-and-foremost, wars benefit banksters. Meantime, I never heard anything like the above cartoon’d conversation around America’s military master-class. It’s no different than proclaiming that all “Niggers” are just murdering stupid thugs. It only muddies the waters more.



  • The system needs to come down.
    Trump will hasten the coming apocalypse
    Ergo: Trump is good. Long live Trump!

  • Banana Republican Trump’s three-general militarized executive cabinet is a nice extension of Obama’s militarized civilian police forces.

    Trump won’t have to call up the National Guard to quell civil disruptions; they are already there thanks to Obama.

  • Trump has chosen the most unqualified cabinet I have ever seen. Every other president I have seen named highly qualified cabinet members.

    Those highly qualified cabinets led the US to a complete victory over Communism in Korea and Vietnam, led to the removal of the Shah after he stole American oil property and replaced him with an Ayatollah who didn’t care about oil and threw a big party for Americans in the US Embassy.

    The highly qualified cabinet members provided us with the dot com bonanza in 2000, and the sub-prime bonanza in 2008, and gave us complete and total victory over the Islamists in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

    So what will happen with an unqualified cabinet?

  • This one made me laugh but only for how stupid it is. Would it have been better for him to nominate political hacks?

    • It would have been better if he’d chosen people who were actually qualified for and interested in doing the jobs they’ve been assigned.

      Instead, he put foxes in charge of the hen house. Ironically, it was the hens who voted him into office.

      “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” – H. L. Mencken

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