Too Bad They Don’t Vet Candidates for the Really Really Awful Things They’ve Done

Wearing blackface is/was an idiotic thing for the Virginia governor or attorney general to do when they were young. It may destroy their political careers and maybe that’s OK. But many more politicians do far worse things that truly deserve severe sanctions and get rewarded for them instead.

7 thoughts on “Too Bad They Don’t Vet Candidates for the Really Really Awful Things They’ve Done

  1. “Ok, I did wear blackface, but only twice.”
    “Wait, everyone was doing it, ’cause we had no negro of our own in our school to harass”
    “That’s so unfair, that tool with the sweet voice, wassname, Obama, got to wear it every day.”

  2. “But many more politicians do far worse things that truly deserve severe sanctions and get rewarded for them instead.”

    It almost seems that Americans reward or punish intrinsically evil things, based not on their intrinsic evilness but on the successful or unsuccessful execution of these evil things.

    The Vietnam invasion was evil for a short while (before being rehabilitated by the Hollywood propaganda machine) because of its embarrassing inability to complete the genocide within the time and budget allocations of white nationalist patience.

    Mass murder is no problem if done with the blessing of the state, and if the US can take a credible pose as the victor, which becomes ever easier with the 24 hour, context lacking, fake news cycle.

    The American Indian genocide has now become as invisible as the Armenian genocide was declared to be by Hitler prior to his onslaught against the Jews.

    Watch the D-mob and the R-mob find alliance wherever murderous theft of oil is at issue.

    Next on the agenda: Venezuela.

    D-mob and R-mob will not be deterred despite the explicit declaration of the oil motive by Trump.

    A degenerate government cultivates a degenerate people.

  3. The other problem is that if one has worn blackface at some point in one’s life, one is not allowed to live it down. Whatever mistake, sin, transgression, cisgression you commit, thanks to the Internet, you can never live it down, you can never escape it, you can never be allowed to repent and move forward. No matter what the societal norms were at the time, no matter how long ago it was. Whatever your particular “blackface” moment was or will be, rest assured, there will always be puritans, social justice warriors, snowflakes, prudes, bullies, etc., who will hang it over you for the rest of time.

    Jussie Smollett comes to mind. Is he a frickin’ idiot? Yes.
    Is what he did unforgivable? No.
    It was tasteless, vile, whatever you want to call it, but it’s not a hundredth as bad as what Bill Cosby did, what Bill Clinton did, what Barack Obama did, what Mark Zuckerberg has done.
    For all the idiocy of Smollett’s actions, there are no dead children, no maimed civilians. No bloody bodies blown to bits.
    But from the list I just presented, Cosby will die soon and his wife will continue to insist, insist, insist that it was all a plot to smear his legacy. Bill Clinton’s string of probable assault victims? Hell, his wife has already explained that they needed to be shut down and who the hell cares, anyway, if Bill was a little frisky, he was a great president (even though he wasn’t). And speaking of not-great great presidents, don’t let all those bodies and all the whistleblowers stop anyone from vomiting praise all over Barack Obama. Mark Zuckerberg? Shit, he’s never gonna see a day in jail. But let’s make sure some actor no one woulda remembered in 10 years anyway is pushed into suicide for taking a stupid plan and running a country mile with it. Let’s make sure he never lives it down.

    • “CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson took it personally when detectives determined that “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett allegedly lied about being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack .

      “Speaking Thursday at a news conference, Johnson said he was angry and offended that another black man would exploit racial divisions for his own gain — and smear the reputation of a city Johnson has worked his entire career to protect.”

      As if the Chicago Police had a reputation to protect.

      One conviction for murder by the police in 50 years and that conviction, as it now stands, will be eligible for parole in 3 YEARS.

      While “This week, 14 men with [fraudulent] drug convictions … were exonerated — four of them on Wednesday and 10 on Monday. With those exonerations, 63 men and women have had their cases vacated because of the involvement of Sgt. Ronald Watts [who is also Black] ”

      Sergeant Watts pleaded guilty in 2013 and was sentenced to 22 months and has already completed his lenient sentence.

  4. Do you mean to say that the wars for which this chap voted only killed thousands, Ted ? No way we’re good – he’s a wimp by several orders of magnitude !…


  5. Well, okay … but OTOF, do you really want some bland goody two-shoes boy scout who never once stepped out of line? Some of our ex-prezzes were big time bad boiz. Brawlers, brewers, duelers, drinkers, gamblers, womanizers … oh, hell yeah – gimme dat old time politician!

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