Tokenism: Fascism’s Beard

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is spreading the media meme that a woman president would be “cool.” Yes, it would – but shouldn’t we hold out for a woman president, or any president, whose politics are more appealing?

4 thoughts on “Tokenism: Fascism’s Beard

  1. The whole issue is hilarious to me.

    One of the main points of feminism is that gender is irrelevant for almost all jobs. Women can drive trucks. Men can be nurses. The same holds for being preznit (as has ALREADY been shown by several countries). So, Hillary Clinton’s big selling point is that she has an unnecessary nonqualification.

    I am reminded of Gertrude Stein’s “There’s no there, there.”

    Wanting a woman as president (brace for the irony) depends on what your definition of “woman” is, and I don’t think I’ve heard ANY chatter from anyone that addresses this question: What aspect of Hillary Clinton’s womanness, which no male candidate (a mandidate?) possesses, makes her supporters favor her?

  2. Identity politics is easily distorted in service to class politics.

    Think Obama’s policies are crap?

    Then you must be a racist, the identity police would have you believe.

    Does patriotic torture commanded by a white male, a black male, or a white female feel any different to the torture victim?

  3. Not to worry, Ted ; when Ms Clinton decides on 20 January 2017 to go to war in a major way with Russia and/or China, whether one is male or female will rapidly become moot…. 😉


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