Time to Start Planning Ahead

Even as the US loses two wars in the Middle East, hawks promote war against Libya.

6 thoughts on “Time to Start Planning Ahead

  1. On a less serious note, I believe i spy an IPad there.

    Never owned one though, don’t want it. Waiting for something better.

    What is that blue thing that the Lieutenant seem to be wearing?

  2. Oh, btw. I read about how the rescue helicopter (Osprey) evacuating that second pilot that ejected from the crashed F-15, that they gunned down six people standing near the guy they wanted to pick up. Supposedly the pilot was not in danger.


    Hardly surprising to me given how military forces are prone to abusing powers for domination, but disturbing nontheless. What a bunch of corrupt and violent fuck ups imo.

    It was yesterdays news though, maybe there are some new relevations about this today.

  3. Err, I guess that guy I mentioned in th cartoon is not a Lieutenant, but a Major General with his two stars. I have been confusing the US ranks with my own country’s insignia system.

  4. We actually are greeted as liberators this time and we blow it.

    In fairness, ejected bomber pilots usually face angry mobs when they touch down. As Mr. Rall often notes air strikes bring death, destruction, and terror to everyone in the general vicinity of the target. Often its bad enough that aircrews are almost as hated by those they fight for as fight against. I have an uncle who was pitchforked by angry farmers in occupied Europe after bailing out of his B-24 Liberator. He was actually saved by Nazi soldiers, who broke up the mob since they were obligated to protect prisoners of war.

  5. Gotta love how Rall, as always, twists the facts for his sad attempt at ‘intelligent humor and commentary’…umm, Ted? News flash: The Libya situation was not an ‘invasion’ as you ignorantly claim here…THE LIBYAN PEOPLE ASKED FOR OUR HELP.


    Is this thing on?

    Oh, my bad…Ted just isn’t listening….can’t say I’m surprised, Ted just blasts whomever is in charge at the moment, has no political loyalties….and can’t draw to save his life.


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