This is What Moral Corruption Looks Like

Though laudable for finally acknowledging that the United States tortures and kidnaps people, the Senate torture report’s principal arguments against torture rely not on the basis of morality or law, but its supposed ineffectiveness. This what moral corruption looks like.

9 thoughts on “This is What Moral Corruption Looks Like

  1. Any expression of human decency is seen as a weakness by too many Americans.

    The obsessive need to hide weakness reveals a real sense of weakness, the need to be regarded as fearsome, to be feared, to see fear in other’s eyes.

    Also known as cowardice.

  2. Well, while I’m not very sure at all as to whether there are “too many Jooze,” America’s oligarchic Congress sure as hell is drowning in Zionists … of all stripes. Beyond all doubt, it’s a ZOG.


  3. I dislike the use of the word “moral” as it has religious connotation.

    The phenomenon is:
    so heinous a corruption of purported founding values as to cast doubt that they ever existed.

  4. Great cartoon, Ted ! The Nazis tried at Nürnberg did not, in fact, appear in resplendent bemedaled uniforms, but were the trials to be conducted today, they might well be allowed them, for the sake of better TV….


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