This is Something Republicans Would Never Do

Mainstream Democrats constantly argue that their party must move toward the center, the right, in order to win elections. Republicans never argue anything similar, yet win elections. Go figure.

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  • That must be why dear Ms Clinton employed an arrow pointing to the right in her 2016 campaign…. 😉


  • Further, while the GOP successfully employs voter suppression techniques and blatant election fraud against its political OPPONENTS, the Dems/DNC, in contrast, employ them, equally effectively, BUT against their own proclaimed*** political self-interest?!?
    *** i.e. victory their political opponent.
    By now, the definition of a “sentient registered Democrat” is one who gravely doubts the motives, sincerity and competence of the DNC/establishment Dems.

  • On the other hand, falco, if one realises that a person like Bernard Sanders represents a far greater threat to the interests of those who bankroll the DNC than e g, Donald John Trump, things perhaps become clearer…. 😉


    • Hi Henri,

      Indeed, crystal clear.
      I only described WHAT the DNC/HRC gang have done, (and what they will, obviously, do again, if they feel it’s necessary) but not WHY they have done (will again do) it!

  • What is the source of the constant message of Democrats moving more to the “middle”? Seek comprise and bipartisanship?
    I have thought for years that there is a “Trojan horse” in the Dem ranks.

  • “Republicans never argue anything similar, yet win elections. Go figure.”

    This is because Democrats have to hide who they really are.

    Republicans are who they are and don’t care who knows it.

    Both the Wolf and the Fox want to eat you, one by being boldly vicious, the other by being sly.

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