There’s Got To Be a Morning After

After one of the most contentious presidential campaigns in memory, Americans are waking up find friendships gone, alliances shattered and bridges burned.

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  • TYu’re just the one’s who lucked out, Ted. Think of us in the rest of the world who will have to struggle along with whatever you’ve (had) chosen (for you) !…


  • alex_the_tired
    November 4, 2020 6:45 AM

    From the Maureen McGovern studios …
    I see why um, Biden is a man of faith. He’s going to need a miracle.
    When I run the numbers and give Biden 2/3rds of the remaining votes (which is his margin in superblue California), he just barely crosses the 269 boundary. But he isn’t going to get every state’s remaining ballots by a 2/3rds margin.
    And whither all the left-of-center media types? They pretty much bet the farm on Trump losing, and it looks like Trump isn’t going to lose.
    Biden was the candidate the dems rigged the system to produce. They spent a fortune. More money than ever before. Even more money than they flushed away last cycle with the war criminal Hillary. Trump improv-ed the whole thing like a hungover student writing a final exam essay on a book he didn’t finish. I hope AOC is paying attention.

  • “You can change the shepherd, but the sheep will remain sheep.”
    – William Jefferson Blythe III

  • LeftyMathProf
    November 4, 2020 9:31 AM

    Regardless of which one wins, the popular vote is a very close race. Democracy is overrated: 51% thrashing 49% is a very poor truce between warring factions. What we need, more than democracy, is a society in which people try to understand and care about one another.

    • Indeed. Now how do we get from here to there ?…


      • alex_the_tired
        November 4, 2020 11:59 AM

        One way? Well, if there’s a candidate arguing for universal healthcare and there’s a global pandemic? You kneecap that SOB and put in a doddering old fool in his place. Someone who can be replaced by a market-share cross-pleaser who looks like the people whose votes you need but does exactly what she’s told by the old white men in charge.

  • Latest news from AmrriKKKa:

    With TWO senile dotard fascist fools candidates, US 2020 election could have the highest rate of voter turnout since 1908.

    A great lesson in democraSSy, indeed.


    But maybe a boost to the probability of civil unrest afterwards.


  • I burned all my bridges years ago at a family Christmas dinner when I said that I had thought of bringing a food grinder with me so that I could give myself a Christmas rectal feeding in solidarity the Guantanamo prisoners who were then suffering the same.

    I never did like theme parties or costume parties.

    I am a very lucky man to have found an intelligent and understanding wife and a small number of people who still associate with me despite my sense of humor (if it could even be recognized as that).

    And so to most of humanity: you can either take me or leave me because I have absconded with my freedom from your social convention dictates years ago.

    This election changes absolutely nothing for me.

    I only feel alone when in the presence of blind murderous racist goody goody assholes.

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