There Isn’t That Much Difference between Democrats and Republicans

Everyone is criticizing President Trump, and rightfully so, for the fact that he is so crude, belligerent and bullying to those he disagrees with. However, progressive people who are hesitant about the candidacy of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are getting similar reactions from fellow Democrats.

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  • alex_the_tired
    August 21, 2020 9:33 AM

    Well, after last night’s, er, speech (I honestly can’t remember what he said. A lot of blather about hope and change but nothing that really seemed to cohere. To be fair, I kept wondering for the entire speech if it had been prerecorded. I still do.), I think we’ll start to see Biden implode.
    He delivered one speech, after weeks at home. Does he have dementia? I don’t know. He won’t release his medical records. Even if he did, those wouldn’t say. (JFK’s doctor toted around a medical bag the size of a hockey bag with all the pills and injections JFK might need for all his medical conditions. Don’t tell me that hushing up the important details doesn’t happen.) Read up on Groucho Marx toward the end.
    Last time, a lot of Trump voters kept quiet because they didn’t want to deal with the condemnation. This time? I think a lot of people who are going to stay at home or vote Bernie or Green will simply lie right to people’s faces: “Oh yeah, um, Biden. That’s the guy for me. Owned by Wall Street donors, against Medicare for All. I say put a centrist warhawk on the throne and then have him replaced by a veep who likes to leave the innocent to rot in prison. Yeah. Freedom. Americuh. Woo Woo Woo.”

  • Biden has suddenly become a sacred person. Doubting his sanctity is not mere lèse majesté, it’s blasphemy. Of course this is not a good electoral strategy. Once again, the Democratic Party seems to be trying hard to lose. Against Trump, that’s heavy lifting, but they’ve managed before.

    • alex_the_tired
      August 22, 2020 1:03 PM

      Excellent point. Mike Pence (tip to Julia Louis-Dreyfus: making fun of people’s names? That’s Trump-level behavior. Not good for showing why the dems are different than the Republicans) already has the sanctified in the blood of Jesus thing with the “religious.” Biden’s attempts at holiness and “family” are simply inviting the obvious comparisons: he’s far from holy: unless plagiarism and lying are sacraments, and the whole “family” thing? Most of us don’t have families in the sense Biden is pushing it. Know who does? The dem power elite, who use family connections to cut to the front of every line and every opportunity. Ask Chelsea about that sweet six-figure deal she got when Hillary was a sure thing.

  • So what has Biden promised to reverse from Trump? I keep thinking that would be a big talking point, but so far all I’ve heard is “at least I’m not Trump.”

    By the way, I just had the exact conversation as that cartoon with my family. Their argument is that voting Green is the same as sending us all to the gas chambers.

  • I don’t fit the mold so I get Democrats calling me Republican and Republicans calling me Democrat, mostly by idiots who won’t or can’t recognize that solutions for every political issue won’t fit neatly into this simple-minded R and D binary known as electoral politics in the US.

    If Democrats are really afraid that if Trump wins that there will be mass political murders, why aren’t they arming and preparing for the possible coming violent onslaught instead of putting all of their faith and efforts into the hope that Biden (if he wins) is going to make Trump and their fears go away like a bad dream?

    Given that the assholes in charge have already killed 170,000 people through their inept COVID-19 responses and their faith in “free market innovations” to muster a timely and adequate response to this public health crisis, what are Democrats waiting for before addressing this issue as the life and death matter it is, with a commensurate response?

    Elections aren’t going to end this crisis. These (fake) elections with (fake) choices (as they are) are the cause of this crisis, not the cure.

    Radical power grabs by Republicans, and Democratic conservative conservation of Republican conquests over American citizens’ health wealth and security through the fake “changes” proffered by these nearly identical parties is what has brought us to this crisis.

  • Biden will talk like a president, something we have missed since Trump started running for the office. Of course, Biden’s record shows he will do far worse things than Trump, who has neglected to start a single new war, while Biden has helped start many. However, the world will little note nor long remember what they did here, but it can never forget what a US President said.
    (Some of us have been boycotting elections since Clinton, but I intend to vote Green this year.)

  • In a recent post in another forum frequented by lefties, Dems, and atheists, I mentioned my distaste at having to vote for Biden/Harris.

    I was immediately called a fascist.

    No kidding. The person was serious.

    If I had been speaking face-to-face, I’d have punched the person, and I have never been in a fight in my adult life. This is the level of contempt which Dem-mainstreamers have for the *actual* left, “progressives”, if you will. What is very strange is that these shriekers seem to have no awareness that screaming abuse and name-calling someone DOES NOT make them want to vote for your candidate!

    They seem to glory in the lack of choice, which is odd for a political culture which says it is based on democracy, equality, and freedom of speech.

    This also proves the model of Basic Authoritarianism which both parties are based on.

  • However, progressive people who are hesitant about the candidacy of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are getting similar reactions from fellow Democrats.

    «[P]rogressive people» and «fellow Democrats» ? Isn’t that a prime example of that rhetorical fallacy known as contradictio in adiecto, Ted ? Or am I being as mean and unpleasant as those you castigate above ?…


  • The danger of binary thinking in a significantly more complex world….


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