Then The Babies

Arizona lawmakers are trying to subvert the 14th Amendment by abolishing the right of anyone born in the US to citizenship.

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  1. I’m for this law and more aggressive immigration battles.

    The “Left versus Right” thing is just another tool of the controllers. This is part of a long term economic war to get us all as poor as possible so we more beg for a police state as long as our “Worker’s dorm” is stable. “Divide and Conquer” is their best, long term use tool.

    But, ever read a “Fire Safety” thing? Fire needs a triad of air, fuel and temperature. Remove one, it stops. Likewise, the rich elite’s financial engine is mainly a corrupt “Triad” based on the law of Supply and Demand with healthy does of “Divide and Conquer”.

    1. Importing illegal immigrants increases the “Supply” of labor.
    2. Exporting jobs lowers the “demand” for manufacturing and much skilled labor.
    3. Exerting control over government and media helps skirt the “Law”.

    What we do too much of on the net is talk about #3 which is their most entrenched and complex plans. They take for granted #1 and #2, having won the battles to get them planted by the 90s.

    What I think is the best line of attack is to go after #1 first.

    1. Demand the states impose AZ type laws, but more direct. We don’t need no stinkin fence or profiling. Just randomly and frequently check the books and then fully prosecute any who hire illegals.
    2. If they are even hesitant organize “Jury Duty Club” where you become as subversive as another “Club” and make sure your members get on “Jury Duty” to then “Nullify” any crime committed against an illegal save that committed by an employer or trafficker. Some lady from Canada comes here illegally and some perv kidnaps her and keeps her in a basement dungeon for rape and torture, say “Not Guilty. Sorry miss, but if you weren’t in this country illegally, no crime against you could have been committed in this country. Your honor, please tell Da Fuzz to give Mr. Fred Kruger back his video tapes. He’s doubtless got legal bills to cover so since he didn’t break the law, he’s entitled to his intellectual property to sell online.”
    3. Consider strongly other nullification. Like the “Old hippie with the basement full of pot plants”. Really, is he competition for all that the Mexican Military escorts here?
    4. For bonus points, “Bleeding the parasites” also make sure there’s a “Lawsuit” network handy. People can and do lose their jobs for any or no reason. If you were on Jury Duty, and later got laid off, you can sue over it. Oh, you’d lose, but even if Judge Kangaroo had a heart attack over you letting Chester M. off because he only had “Pictures” on his hard drive and kept his RL stuff to overseas tours, he’d still let your lawyer sue your ex-employer claiming “Retaliation” just to keep justifying his pathetic parasite position in society. So, the cost of going to court for years is more than a downsizing company can afford, or even a small employer who had to close shop, so they’ll toss a few thousand your way. Just bleed them however you can, these parasites that feed off our blood.

    Removing the “Illegal Immigrants” will cause a massive labor deficit. More than the “Unemployed” and that’s the real figure, not just the “Receiving UI” tiny slice. With tons of jobs a begging the “Free Market” will force wages much higher. You wouldn’t pick fruit all day under threat of beatings for half minimum wage, sitting on the street corner begging is much more rewarding. But, if there’s not a flood of Mexicans you can say “I American. You pay me $16 an hour and give me heated sleeping quarters with an X box, Comprende? I’ll try to work at least 1/3 as hard as Pedro did, Judd the Farmer…”

    Our next route would then be to rabidly demand “Tariffs” and “Trade Barriers”.

    #3, the media/government control will collapse like a house of cards after that. The BP disaster proved that the “Rich Elite” are in their own way a victim of the system they create. Choke their cash flow, the fright/panic will do much more damage than you’d think it could because they’d all feed on each other like starving sharks encountering a shipwreck that’s dumped thousands of live french poodles in the ocean.

    But, Rall, please, no BS about it being “Racist”. They are being used to cut our throats by our rich elite so that their rich elite can have a “Pressure Valve”.

  2. GreenGestalt,

    I love your post, very interesting and well thought out point of view, but I don’t understand how you can’t recognize the use of “illegals” as a scapegoat of social control as well. People aren’t illegal…..and when we just simply label them “illegal” we strip them of basic human dignity, and then we say that . . well. . .all that crap about inalienable human rights….that’s in OUR constitution and only applies to citizens….it makes no sense, it’s a universal statement.

    Differentiating basic human rights like freedom of movement based on lines on a map and what some piece of arbitrary paper says is a thin cover for “yer not our kind!”…..racism? hell yes, it’s all OVER THE PLACE. It’s more than just racism though, it’s just bigotry. The same people who are the worst offenders also label other groups with ease…..liberals, college professors, gays, french people…..commies…..etc..etc…etc…….etc

    Even “Rich Elite” is a label dude. We’re talking about people who are classified by arbitrary distinctions into groups of greater and lesser value.

    Yes, racism is used to intensify this, but it’s a two way street. It requires people to buy into the propaganda. And the more we deny racism the more nefarious and powerful it gets. We have to accept that race is a major component in most decisions we make, that we are incapable of escaping that. However, we can confront that racism and exclaim that we will not act on its presence with bigotry.

  3. “Removing the “Illegal Immigrants” will cause a massive labor deficit. More than the “Unemployed” and that’s the real figure, not just the “Receiving UI” tiny slice. With tons of jobs a begging the “Free Market” will force wages much higher.”

    You forgot prison labor. You did not seriously think the unemployed were our only excess population did you? No no. See, we’ve been saving for a time like this! And guess who has been paying for boarding this reserve population?

    Guess we gotta be pro death penalty now…

  4. Great post Aggie_Dude.

    All of this illegal alien talk is bigoted racism. If we could only see them as the people that they are we would not be so concerned about lines on a map and pieces of paper.

    Going with this theme of no borders or restrictions, I will be over at your house tonight for dinner and to watch your tv. I will only be bringing by ten or so friends and family.

    See you at 8!

  5. olgena,
    I’ll reply to your post before reading the others. This article is from 2006. I’ve heard thses camps mentioned and debunked by Glenn Beck and Ron Paul I I think I heard Rollye James mention these as well. I don’t really understand what “emergency” it is that we need to start detaining anyone.

  6. Illegal immigration is a big problem, especially in Arizona. Ranchers are being killed. People who live near the border do not leave their homes for fear they will be someone else living there when they come back. Drug runners use lookouts on either side if the border to run convoys of vehicles in and out of the US along the border. This is more then just Jose going to pick fruit. The border is a threat to our security.

  7. I think you are thinking of different camps. This was a contract awarded to KBR. No one knows if they went through with it, but the contract and the pres release are real. Market watch is a financial news organization. NYT also reported on this. Of course the righty media missed a real case of scary government stuff. Too nuanced, I guess.

  8. NDJ – you are most welcome for a visit with your dozen friends and family….though I think I’m going to want you to stay for at least a few weeks. There is planting to be done, goats and cows to milk, eggs to collect and sell, chickens to slaughter for meat….lots of work to do on the farm. I will leave my foreman in charge of this matter while my wife and I take our European vacation.

  9. Nice posts SoCal…you’re of course completely correct about the utter failure to secure our southern border. Perhaps we will come together to recognize that even though we all focus on different failures, that the end result is the same. Our government is broken. It is a completely reasonable consequence to the electing of politicians who campaign on a platform of government being the problem. When they get in charge, they break government. Then government is broken, and no matter who we put in office, we’re screwed.

    Move out to the country, get a farm, buy a goat!

  10. We will be over.

    Sorry though, we can’t really work on a farm, we are mostly artists and writers and stuff and some of us have physical disabilities that prevent us from working. But we can contribute to your sense of well being by singing pretty songs and painting nice pictures.

    Oh, and btw, quite a few of us have glandular problems, so you may want to stock up, plant a few more rows of corn, and fatten up a few more beasts, we tend to go through food pretty quickly.

    Thank you for your generous offer!

  11. NDJ is leaning on you all the more earnestly, Aggie, because since you took it upon yourself to donate that giardia-ridden litter of hogs to me, in a misguided attempt at spreading urban farming, I have had to crash NDJ’s… So, it is all working out in the end (have you ever tried administering flagyl to an ornery piglet?).

    (psst, NDJ, don’t you remember the good half of aggie’s property used to be yours? just sayin’)

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