The Threat from ISIS

The intelligence community says that ISIS is not a threat to the United States, but that it might someday become one. Why? Because we’re attacking them.

7 thoughts on “The Threat from ISIS

  1. Basically, all around the globe, WDC wants it either our way, or the carpet-bomb way. In Vietnam, the “communist” faction wanted a more socialistically egalitarian government structure. Unfortunately for them, America wanted to continue the OCF (organized crime family) brand of government that the French left behind after getting their asses kicked out.

    So, do we let them (whomever the regional contestants be) duke it out among themselves? Or do we pick sides and create a more indigenous “hoi-polloi” hate for America? Will it be their crooks, or our crooks who win? And what happens when — after we’ve slaughtered hundreds-of-thousands of families — the sole surviviors of such genocides decide to take one last shot at our own, selectively murderous evil empire in the form of intentionally getting sick and then releasing it inside of Middle-America?

    Yup, it ain’t no perfect world. But don’t even think that Western politics is a science. Instead, it continues to be just another gangbanger religion of quasi-voodoo culture, no less than what the popes or the Assyrians or Og, the first hammer-master, practice(d).


  2. We could have helped if we hadn’t already spent the last seventy years “helping.” Today, there is absolutely nothing we could do militarily that won’t make things worse – worse for them in the short term, worse for us in the long term.

    Humanitarian aid we could do, and dog knows we need the practice. Food, medicine, tools – instead of remembering the Americans as the people who blew up his family, a nascent jihadi might remember the Americans as the people who fed his family when they were hungry.

  3. The big threat to America? Seriously. The media. The story I kept running into today was the woman who met Obama while he was voting and (ha-ha), hang on, I gotta wipe the tears of mirth from my eyes, so, (ha-ha) her b-b-boyfriend (ha-ha) tells Obama not to (snicker) touch his girlfriend. Ha ha !!!! Isn’t that HYSTERICAL? You know, because Obama is so dreamy and such a catch, every woman must swoon when he’s around.

    Hey. Media! Here’s an idea. Cover something worth a goddamn. Any of these people who run into Obama ever say, “Hey, Mr. President. Please don’t drop a bomb on my house and kill my children.” I would actually go out and buy a copy of a newspaper that covered THAT story.

    Are there no citizens at all who want to see the president investigated for war crimes? Why and when did everyone get so complacent and docile? Was it around the time the TSA started frisking small children and running gloved hands into their underwear?

    Imagine what would happen if the press got up off its fat collective ass and actually started pushing back? I know, I’m literally out of my mind to even ask the hypothetical. I hope I don’t get arrested for unmutual thinking.

    The press gets less and less relevant but no less distracting. And what bag of dust and softballs is back again with yet another brain-rot program to eat up air time that could be used for something relevant? Barbara Walters. That’s right. That paragon of what a woman can achieve if she knows not to cause offense or think: decades of vapid, scripted interviews. But she was well-paid. Remember that, girls: always hold out for top dollar. Math is hard, but even a bimbo can could stacks of cash. Just keep counting until your lips are too tired to count any more.

      • cash. Not cast.

        Ted, you really need an edit function on this site. Or I gotta get a better keyboard.

    • Well, Alex, I’m not a US citizen and thus perhaps not qualified to comment, but I should definitely like to see Mr Obama – and all of his predecessors, way back to Harry S – «investigated for war crimes». Of course, a military and (un)intelligence budget equal or greater than that of the rest of the world combined has been in place for decades, in part to ensure that such investigations never take place. Guess we’ll have to wait until the US government goes bankrupt (in the event it doesn’t initiate a thermonuclear conflagration first) before they can be carried out….


      • There is hope, the rest of the world is getting more & more tired of us and we’re still only 5% of the world’s population.

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