The Thing That Won’t Leave

Obama wants to leave 9,800 U.S. troops in Afghanistan after 2014. Except for a “contingency force,” which will stay longer. Then we’ll be gone. Well, not really.

4 thoughts on “The Thing That Won’t Leave

  1. Ted, I think you must have had something interrupt your train of thought when writing the comment. The “contingency force” *IS* the 9,800 troopers. Obama wants to “withdraw U.S. forces” except for those. (?)

  2. Ted, Afghanistan borders on, among other countries, China (and what is more, on the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region with all the opportunities for exfiltration of assets to that province that geography offers). To sea, the US has China bottled up (how long that situation will prevail is another matter), but things don’t look quite so good (from Washington’s point of view) on land. Leave Afghanistan – not a chance !…

    Loved, by the way, the way the orthography gets smaller and smaller, to mimic Mr Obama’s voice trailing away….


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