The System Makes Me Sick

The U.S. Supreme Court weighs whether the federal mandate requirement in Obama’s healthcare reform act is constitutional.

4 thoughts on “The System Makes Me Sick

  1. No, no, no. He should be offering her an array of Occupy Chants. After all, those are Occupy’s biggest weapon. There’s a price point for everyone.

    For $10: “Hey Hey Ho Ho The Wall Street Banks Have Got To Go!”
    For $50: “Hey Hey Ho Ho Citizens United Has Got To Go!”
    For $100: “Hey Hey Ho Ho Barack Obama Has Got To Go!”

    The last one is the most expensive because criticizing Dear Leader is a real no-no. Change doesn’t happen overnight you know. Just ask an Obamabot. They’ll tell you. The system ALWAYS works.

    Also, you can get package deals on those chants. Occupy’s gonna need ’em. Lots of work to be done. Lots of chants to be chanted.

  2. Does anybody seriously believe they’re going to rule AGAINST making us buy the garbage policies?

    I can’t see that happening. There are too many corporate “persons” who are exercising their right to Free Speech through unrestricted campaign contributions to make sure it not only happens, but happens sooner rather than later. Mr. & Mrs. Kaiser Permanente, or their lovely neighbors the Blue Cross family, for example.

    …and just imagine how unhappy Mr. Aetna & Mrs. Allstate wouldn’t be if our honorable Justices set a precedent which would allow us to challenge mandatory purchase of automobile insurance!

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