The Republican

No matter what the problem is, Republicans always say the answer is tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

2 thoughts on “The Republican

  1. Ted: Question – which do you enjoy satirizing more, right wing extremists or conservatives (“conservatives” being what passes for mainstream “liberals” in America)? I would think it’d be more entertaining to mock the so-called “left”…because the right wingers don’t actually care. it’s like Louie vs. Lestat…they’re both vampires, but one of them pretends he’s still good at heart.

  2. Its not your girlfriend dumping you for a rich guy you have to worry about, its her dumping you for some dirt poor, too cool for school punk. I don’t know what party would consider that a just state of affairs. Maybe the Greens?

    The guy who’s likely to steal your girl is cool to care about anything, like the fact he’s a 30 year old man who can’t hold a job that would be no challenge for a high schooler. Or the X-Box isn’t real. Or the fact that his band sucks. Honestly, who’s in an Eminem cover band?

    Not that I’m writing about recent events in my own life… or in any way bitter… Screw it. I need a hug!

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