The News They Don’t Want You To Hear

Media silos have come down to this: each party’s cable TV news network ignores stories that are inconvenient to their party, while amplifying those that are damaging to the opposition.

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 12, 2023 8:22 AM

    I am reminded of Chapter XIII of Charles Dickens’ “The Pickwick Papers” (1836):

    “Of course it was essentially and indispensably necessary that each of these powerful parties should have its chosen organ and representative: and, accordingly, there were two newspapers in the town—the Eatanswill Gazette and the Eatanswill Independent; the former advocating Blue principles, and the latter conducted on grounds decidedly Buff. Fine newspapers they were. Such leading articles, and such spirited attacks!—‘Our worthless contemporary, the Gazette’—‘That disgraceful and dastardly journal, the Independent’—‘That false and scurrilous print, the Independent’—‘That vile and slanderous calumniator, the Gazette;’ these, and other spirit-stirring denunciations, were strewn plentifully over the columns of each, in every number, and excited feelings of the most intense delight and indignation in the bosoms of the townspeople.”

    Trump says something on CNN, and it’s the end of the world for the “progressives” of the MSM who are furious that one of their own gave Trump (i.e., the Devil Incarnate) more rope to hang himself. The New York Post ramps up the volume on how Joe Biden might actually get caught with one hand in the cookie jar and the other in the company till (both all the way up to his armpits) and the New York Times won’t touch it (which, frankly, in my mind, lends a lot of credence to the veracity of the asserted claims).

    And now, off to moderation limbo. …

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