The More You Indict Him, the Higher His Polls

Trump is like the mythical hydra. The more you attack it, the stronger it gets. Now he’s been found liable for sexual assault. Maybe he really does need to murder someone to get reelected.

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 15, 2023 5:01 AM

    Nice headline. Very reminiscent of Morrissey’s 1994 “Vauxhall and I.”

    One part of the lyrics certainly applies to Trump: “I am now / A central part / Of your mind’s landscape / Whether you care / Or do not”

    What’s the Trump-Biden ratio in the news? I think it’s still about 11-to-1: for every 11 mentions of Trump, Biden gets brought up a single time. The entire election cycle is going to be Trump from start to finish. If he fell into a portal and disappeared totally from space-time, he’d still be the only thing the political wonks would discuss. Why? He gets ratings. Why? Remember Dave Chappelle’s routine where he recounts how Trump stood there and said, “Yes, the system is rigged. I know because it’s how I got rich.” It’s the same thing George Carlin was telling us back in the 1980s. And Carlin was right about how the politicians would be coming for our social security.

    At this point, I think Donald Trump could strangle, cut up, cook, and eat a Boy Scout in the middle of Central Park, and he’d get an Emmy nomination for best cooking program.

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