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NATO officials thought they were conducting peace talks with a man who turned out to be a fake Taliban official. Does this explain why “Obama” isn’t doing anything?

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  • Mansour must be the same guy who got the “skid” in Iraq.

  • Just like how most of the Gitmo “terrorists” were purchased by the CIA after 9/11, with no real analysis of what was going on, just getting brown bearded bodies in the pen to make Der Fuhrer happy. It would be laughable….if our country weren’t financially bankrupt.

    As for Obama, I am afraid it is not that simple, there is no Man in the Iron Mask syndrome going on here. Obama is who he says he is. The Democrats exist to act like there is opposition to the GOP, when in reality we have one Party in this country – the Business Party – and they ALWAYS win. Just look at how big business is faring right now. They are doing just fine.

  • Hahahahaha !!!!

    Ted I actually Laughed Out Loud at the last frame with the tied up Obama, this cartoon was actually funny. And damn, you`re insulting your own country`s soldiers with those hillbilly buckteeth but w/e, man it’s your country.

    And Aggie Dude and Tyler Durden why the excessive rehashing the past? We’re not indicting the Bush admin here bro’s, we’re having a laugh. I really liked this cartoon Ted, it makes me want to drop my studies and come down to Washington to run some scams.

    Keep ‘m funny bro!

  • Aggie, you do have just one party in the US: the War Party. It is, incidentally, in bed with big corporations, but that’s true of any big government that doesn’t take control of the whole economy.

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