The High Price of Abortion Rights

Hillary Clinton supporters are resurrecting an argument made by Obamabots to progressives: Despite her support for right-wing policies like NAFTA and voting for war against Iraq, liberals should vote for her because she might get to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court that might determine whether abortion remains legal. I’m pro-choice, but I’m nauseated by the thought that the right to an abortion necessitates voting for someone like Hillary Clinton, who has the blood of millions of innocent people on her hands.

19 thoughts on “The High Price of Abortion Rights

  1. Yeah, that’s one of the sick things about the damned duopoly. We’ve seen what happens when a Repugnicant picks the “Justices” …

    … before anyone gets to sit on the highest bench in the land, we should at least find out whether they’ve actually read the constitution.

      • And you touch on a crucial point. We used to have people who were fully “integrated” into their roles. So you had journalists who simply would NOT do the sort of things “journalists” do now. The other day, a reporter started going through the luggage of some victim of that Malaysia Airlines plane crash.

        There used to be a time where, as an adult raised by a parent, someone wouldn’t do that. Period. Because mom or dad taught you respect for the dead and that going through someone else’s luggage was wrong.

        And there used to be a time where, as a professional journalist, someone wouldn’t do that. Period. Because other pros or journalism instructors had taught you about the ethics of the profession. You didn’t dig through the belongings of the dead because it was not how a professional behaved.

        Now we have these vapid smears who are all of a quarter-inch deep. They know just about nothing of history, psychology, literature, or any of the other wider areas of the human experience. They do no deep thinking, they do no deep feeling. And they are wildly successful over the ones who stand there and say to their bosses, “No. I will no dig through a dead person’s belonging to fill 11 seconds of air time. That’s sick.”

      • == JOURNALISM ETHICS 101 ==
        ======= FINAL EXAM =======

        1) You are walking along the dock and see a man fall into the river. He cannot swim. You can either save him or take a Pulitzer-worthy photograph. What shutter speed do you use?

      • CrazyH, may I suggest that the correct answer to the question posed is : «Always keep the camera on automatic, so that you get the proper exposure, no matter how far away the chap is» ?… 😉


  2. There is a lot of HOOPLA about someone who has not yet declared that she is, or will become, a candidate, especially in view of the fact that she has stated that, as a soon-to-be grandmother, she probably will devote most of her time to the family (Chelsea’s). I’m of the opinion that she will choose NOT to run.

    • LOL. You’re seriously not buying this “I wanna be a grandma” crap from her, are you?

      I’m of the opinion that not only does she run (and if she runs she wins), she spins it that the public dragged her into the race because they want the solutions she offers. (Which is true ONLY in the sense that they will be better than Republican solutions).

      • I did not state that I “buy” the crap; after all, she gave the interview on German television and had her reasons for being there and doing so. At the same time, it lays the groundwork for a cop-out. You read it here first:
        Hillary will not run for President (IMHO). 🙂

    • I’ve seen the interview you reference, but I see it differently. I saw it laying the groundwork for the whole “Well, I wanted just to be a grandma, but the public demands I run”, spin.

      Guess we’ll see.

      My official Prediction is that Hillary not only runs, but trounces whatever clown car candidate the Republicans put up.

      • Assuming you are referring to the TV interview with Jauch, I think she was playing both ends against the middle. *(I didn’t realize you understood German! Great!)*
        Now, you and I have differing opinions of the future developments. Care to bet?

    • I think that Hillary Clinton has not decided to run yet … correction: Hillary’s owners have not decided to put her in the race yet for a very simple reason.

      I suspect that there is a significant scandal concerning Hillary that is in a quantum state of indeterminacy right now. The control teams are running around, seeing if they can seal all the gaps. If they can, Hill’s grandchild will suddenly become a loaf of French bread to be used as a prop. If they can’t seal the gaps/buy off the loudmouths, Hill’s grandmotherly instincts will activate full force.

      • I fear, alex_the_tired, that you have become something of a cynic…. 😉


      • Henri,

        Moi, a cynic?
        If I’m right, the theoretical scandal must either be something very recent (has her latest ghostwritten doorstop been checked for plagiarism/fabrication) or way, way back in her past.

      • Alex, it is usual for candidates to wait until roughly September the year before the election to informally announce. It’s too early.

  3. So we can avoid drinking the 16oz bottle of arsenic by drinking the 8oz bottle. That’s the deal. I can’t even see this changing until things are so bad that a third party becomes viable. But even then, will it be the Tea Party or something equally wacko? Sadly, I think we’re in for a long downward spiral until the end. The only thing that can stop it is Americans starting to pay attention and using their brains. And we know that’s not going happen anytime soon.

    • [This is really weird! You post shows “July 23, 2014 at 11:45 AM” – but the email notification I received says “11:43 AM (4 hours ago)” I wonder what’s up with that?]
      But to the point — Americans are so super-saturated with “Reality TV” and distorted (lying) news reports that, taken together with their lack of education, it will take decades for truth and reality to become the norm. I don’t think I’ll live to see it. 🙁

  4. «… Hillary Clinton, who has the blood of millions of innocent people on her hands» Not to worry, Ted – in the event Ms Clinton does find herself sitting in the Oval Office on 20 January 2017, she’s going to do her damnedest to beat that record by three orders of magnitude. Let us fervently hope that derlehrer is right and that she will not run….


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