The Ethics of Death

Whether it’s OK to use killer drones to blow people up depends on their citizenship and geographic proximity to the Good Old USA.

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  • Ethics? We don’t need no stink’in ethics! Them’s for weak people! I’m just Bide’en my time until Cheney an’ his compatriots are ready to go ‘mudding’ wit’ me! What the heck is proximity? – some gay term probabblely, huh?

  • Oh so Anthropocentric, Ted….Drones are better for the environment than carpet bombing….

  • Whatever happened to napalm???

  • alex_the_tired
    April 4, 2013 3:54 PM

    Let me get it down right now, so one can say, “We never saw it coming!”

    At some point, probably not too many years from now, one of America’s Freedom-Hating Enemies(TM), using some drone predator type weaponry, will kill a bunch of people at NASCAR or the Super Bowl, or some similar event.

    And the newspapers (the ones still around) will run a whole series of articles about all the good, decent, didn’t-hurt-anyone people who were “senselessly murdered.”

    When it happens, I hope we all remember not to point out that pretty much no one raised a fuss when it was a bunch of foreigners.

  • A new meme – «suicide by drone» ! Over two million people (0.7 % x 300 million) can’t be wrong !…


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