The Enemy of My Enemy Is Me

Until a few weeks ago, the United States was sending weapons and money to the Islamic State in Syria, and providing covert training both directly through the CIA and indirectly through the Gulf Arab states. Now the US is seriously considering bombing ISIS not only in Iraq, but in Syria, where we supported them in their fight against President Bashar al-Assad. At some point, this gets confusing, no?

5 thoughts on “The Enemy of My Enemy Is Me

  1. Ted, Ted, Ted – you’re just not thinking like a patriot. If we can help them kill each other over there, then they won’t be killing us over here. That strategy worked just fine from 1947 through September 10, 2001…

  2. Not at all confusing, Ted – just the name of the game ! Sending X armaments and then using other armaments against them ; well in the words of the old Tom Lehrer song : My God how the money rolls in !….


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