The Elephant Not in the Room

There’s a Republican primary debate tomorrow with seven candidates, but nobody cares about them. Everyone is up in arms over how Trump is set to be a no-show. He’ll be the elephant NOT in the room.

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  • alex_the_tired
    August 28, 2023 7:17 AM

    There’s an episode of “Hogan’s Heroes” where the POWs assemble for a roll call in the middle of the night. And as they’re dismissed and start to mill around, Hogan tells ’em all to smoke if they want to. So all the POWs light up. We cut to a plane’s-eye view. A bomber looking down sees the resulting giant arrow formed by the carefully arranged “milling” men and uses it to blow up a ball-bearing factory in Dusseldorf or something.

    Trump, yes, crazy Trump, is operating all this on a 3-D grid. The rest of the Republican Party is still working in 2-D. They see him moving his pieces around and dismiss it as the random behaviors of a crazy man. Trump is about to sweep the nomination. A whole lot of people are laughing at him. Just like they did in 2016. What happens when Trump proves that a candidate doesn’t need a party apparatus? The answer(s) are left as an exercise for the student.

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