The American Way

As North Korea’s ruling dynasty continues, the US lectures about a democracy we don’t have ourselves.

10 thoughts on “The American Way

  1. Come on Ted we vote for two candidates with the same view at least! Although since there is no way to prove you voted for one guy or another… Well we have a very special Russian like democracy, that has to be bullet proof right?

  2. Punchline might have worked better as “In a democracy, the same man can’t be commander-in-chief of the armed forces, president of the republic, and the undisputed head of his polical party–which is why both of detest it.”

  3. Um…it’s probably a good thing for the president of the republic to be the head of the armed forces. In countries where the armed forces are independent, they tend to rival the power of the democracy (think Latin American coups). There are problems with American “democracy”, but this isn’t one of them.

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