The Adams Family

Now that Jeb Bush is considering a run to become the third President Bush in 30 years, why not resurrect the 19th century political John and John Quincy Adams dynasty?

5 thoughts on “The Adams Family

  1. yup – I git’s it! :^) But seeeriusly Ted, the last darn thing we be need’in is another Bush or Clinton critter! Sadly, ya’all know we’ll probably see at least one of them or both on the 2016 bailout, ’cause name recognition and the ability to raise tons’o’money for an erection are what be count’in in the Land of the Fee, Home of the Knave!

  2. Why not just run a portrait of either John or John Q as the candidate, given that he or she is merely a placeholder for the people who run the show ? Admittedly, neither of the two is particularly photogenic, but with the help of certain programmes (©) for image manipulation…. 😉


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