The 99% of the 1%

Marginalized and forelorn, America’s wealthiest 1% plot their next move.

One thought on “The 99% of the 1%

  1. I know some 1%’ers. Nope – don’t get me wrong -as in that “I’ve got a black friend….” bullshit. They are my relatives. I listen to them, but I am careful not to argue with them – what would be the use anyway, huh? My tacit, but unaknowledged approval by silence allows them to speak more freely, even if it disgusts me. I don’t need the friction. But I do understand where they come from, and the ones I speak about were all poor when they were younger. I guess you could classify them as “New Money”. It is a bit wierd. You think that they might be able to identify with the poor and less fortunate, because they used to be that way. Instead, they are all up in arms that anyone would threaten their status quo in any miniscule way. As a further comment, you may find them featured on any “Real Housewive’s show, but you would almost never find “Old Money” on one of these crappy wanna-be shows. Old Money buys a high-end luxury car because it is dependable and offers the latest in Technolgy. New Money buys a high-enf luxury car to name-drop and brag about it. (And yes – Trolls need not apply here)

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