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Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney gear up for an epic clash about the fate of the planet. Also the presidency.

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  • Mittbot is trying to adapt…?

  • Everything in Michigan right now is WHITE, but this has been an extremely bizarre year weather-wise.

  • Wow, that was a big mistake, perhaps a the new computer will prevent those…. lol that said most federal level politicians barely resemble humans. Bush, Gore, Clinton, they all have this bizarre out of touch personality that makes no sense. Hell, I am half convinced that the whole Monica blowing Clinton story was made just so we would think our android overlords had genitalia.

  • Sanctorum is a lunatic, but if this quote is legit he’s right this turn: humans matter more than the “earth”. Who cares if the panda survives if there are no more people left on the planet?

  • People would not exist and cannot survive without “earth.”

    The attitude that we need not care about the environment for other life forms is myopic, lunatic death wish.

  • drooling zombies everywhere
    February 24, 2012 9:53 PM

    I can’t remember what that policy proposal was, where all human beings would be exterminated to save the pandas.

  • Bucephalus…it’s human ecology….humans exist only in tandem with the environmental systems of this planet. . . that’s the biggest d’uh statement one can make. Furthermore they are not more important than the environment….without humans, the earth will continue, without the earth, we wouldn’t exist.

    How completely asinine is this argument? (rhetorical…btw)….Santorum isn’t a lunatic…he’s just an idiot. The GOP is so intellectually bankrupt at this point that they can’t muster a candidate with a chance against Obama, who himself is a pretty lame figure.

  • Well now this is interesting. Being a broke artist in training I can’t help fund any trip.

    However I find this fund-my-journalism experiment kind of funny. I wonder why no rich conservative is willing to dump 20 grand, pocket change, and watch you go running off to a war zone with a very real chance of getting killed.

    Do they not hate you enough, is their some form of moral restraint, or are they just really cheap?

  • MRohde, All of which assumes they even know who Ted is, my guess is they don’t. The world they live in is so cognitively disconnected from the rest of us they might as well be from a different planet,,,probably Ted’s point altogether.

  • Nah. They know he exists to some extent. He’s made published lists of Liberals destroying the country and I know he’s had some public spat with Ann Coulter. As far as alt editorial cartoonists go Ted’s the closest thing to a celebrity, which I guess doesn’t mean much, but he is known and hated. There’s got to be someone rich who hates his guts enough.

    Hmmm… Mr. Rall have you considered pitching your journalism projects in conservative circles as a chanced to have you killed? It might be beneath your integrity, but its win-win for both sides. You get the money to do the dedicated journalism you would do on your own anyways, they get a chance to see you offed. You live and you get the chance to spite them another day, you die and they get what they payed for.

    Everyone think of it this way: Would you give Rush Limbaugh $100 to help finance a project where there is a serious chance he would face mortal peril?

    Don’t know about the rest of you but I would be mighty tempted…

  • I’m going to be voting in Tuesday’s Michigan primary. Anyone want to buy my vote? I’m thinking Santorum just because it’s funny to think of Romney losing Michigan.

  • piranhaintheguppytank
    February 26, 2012 12:41 PM

    In an effort to gain a competitive advantage, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum decide to combine forces and merge into a single lifeform: MITT SANTORUM.

    Unfortunately, they forgot to take into account one inescapable fact of nature:

    0 plus 0 still equals 0.

  • «Who cares if the panda survives if there are no more people left on the planet?» I suggest that depends very much upon «[w]ho» just happens to be. In any event, given the strength of the planet’s gravity well and of the radiation that surrounds it, it seems that H sapiens sapiens – aka (to Richard John Santorum) as «man» – had best see to it that it remains hospitable to our species if we are to survive. And who knows – through the wonders of «collateral preservation» (you heard it here first !), even pandas might survive !…


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