Take Out the Cameras First

African-American suspects, inevitably unarmed, have been repeatedly killed by police departments in recent months. Since we only have proof of police wrongdoing due to cellphone videos and surveillance cameras, how can we expect police to react to the new videotaped reality of police work?

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  • alex_the_tired
    April 29, 2015 5:46 AM


    This is only part of it, albeit a significant one. Today’s New York Post has a front page devoted to the Baltimore Smack Mom. The one who started slapping her teenaged son for throwing rocks at cars during the Baltimore riots.

    The narrative is already being adjusted: the Angry Black Man as Infant Who Needs Scolding. The take away for the White Masses? See, it’s that these uppity blacks don’t know their place. Why can’t they just work with the system? Incremental change over many, many years. Let the cops search your bag, let them frisk you, let them handcuff you, let them snap your spine. You just need to toil in massa’s fields; your reward will be in the next life.

    Of course, the media is the easiest group to misdirect. The other day a photographer was attacked by a mob. Several black men went after him. One hit him with a bottle in the side of the head. (Pause.)

    If I were in the Baltimore Police Department, I’d take a page outta the Occupy playbook. How do you disrupt these protests and change the narrative? You take off the police uniform, put on some street clothes, and deliberately start an altercation so that the police can state, “some of the protesters turned violent, so, for everyone’s safety, we hadda go in, batons swinging and disperse the entire crowd. Regrettably, a few nig– uh, civilians were accidentally maimed permanently through no fault of our own.”

  • This is what the United States has become since the 9/11 attacks. Does anyone think there might be a connection? More power to the State and fewer rights for the People have been the result. 🙁

  • Why do you think the US government is so determined to get its hot little hands on people like Julian Paul Assange ? Rumours of misdeeds are one thing, but documents and photos/videos which cannot be so easily dismissed as the products of the fevered imaginations of leftist radicals are quite another. No professional leaves witnesses – at least not witnesses with incontrovertible evidence – around….


    • Let’s not forget Kurt Sonnenfeld and his reports about the government and the attacks on the World Trade Center. The U.S. government is capable of all sorts of evil and will stop at nothing to pursue its goals.

      • Mein verehrter Lehrer, do you happen to know where Mr Sonnenfeldt is today ? Is he still in Argentina, or has he been extradited to the United States ?…


      • The latest info I have on him is that he is (was) still in Argentina, but that they had agreed to extradite him. Sad. 🙁

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