Studied the Constitution. Didn’t Like It.

While Americans were distracted over Christmas, Congress and Obama quietly passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which beefs up the President’s right to put anyone, including US citizens, on a Kill List or hold them indefinitely without trial or representation by a lawyer. There’s even a new unit to funnel NSA spy data to the Pentagon so it can target US citizens.

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  • Brace yourself for the onslaught of the conspiracy deniers.

    Secret State — secret laws — secret police

    A more invasive surveillance system, one that that other democracy of note, the East German, German Democratic Republic, would be envious of, if it didn’t eat its own support away into its own demise.

    And Senator Dick Durbin finds a solution to this crisis in the licensing of journalists. Does this include cartoonists?

    The Parties of Traitors abandoned the United States of America, their allegiance now pledged to the Unitary State of America.

    Hail to the Unitary Executive.

  • Can you really trust a government that cares so little about your health that it would lie enemies and wars into existence, bleeding the many of their health and livelihood, all in the interest of profit for the few?

    Can you really trust a government to care about your health more than it cares about profit for the few? O-Bomb-a care, in its myriad forms.

    Conspiracy deniers have a lot in common with their climate-change-denier brethren. How can the incidental deaths of climate change be stopped when the intentional deaths of fictitious wars continue?

  • What? That’s just crazy talk, the SCOTUS would never allow that kind of bullshit.

    … and then I woke up and my pillow was missing.

  • The US Constitution is like The Bible…it’s only brought out and paraded about when it can be twisted to serve the interests of some group of delta bravos who want to impose power on some other group of people, and never with full context and intention accounted for.

    I think it’s way past time for us to reconsider a constitutional monarchy.

  • Freedom’s abode on this blue planet….


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