Stop Blocking Our Theoretical Legislation

Joe Biden is the latest Democratic president to imply that he has all sorts of radical solutions to the extreme problems faced by the country at this time but that they are being blocked by the Republicans. The problem with his argument, however, is that he hasn’t proposed these solutions in the form of legislation.

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  • alex_the_tired
    March 19, 2021 11:30 AM

    I note that Nancy Pelosi’s undead cadaver had no trouble with the theoretical legislature of trying (twice) to get Trump impeached and failing (twice) to get a conviction. Everyone knew it was hopeless from the beginning, but, as all the dnc enablers kept lecturing me, “She has to do something.” These were the same people who told me Obama couldn’t go after single-payer because it wouldn’t get the votes.

  • St Obama came up with the best healthcare bill ever: everyone except a very tiny minority must make large payments to the insurance companies who then owe nothing, since few can afford the deductibles and co-pay, and the insurance company owes nothing unless the insured can prove they have paid 100% of that co-pay and deductible, an amount few, if any, of the insured will ever be able to pay.
    The evil Qaddafi used the money he stole from the American oil companies to provide excellent and totally free healthcare to all Libyans, and St Obama did the right thing and punished him severely for such unspeakable evil.

  • Indeed, the poor, beleaguered Dems lament re GOP: “Just stop being an opposing political party! We have no intention nor ability of being one. Can’t we just get along … gobbling greedily here at the trough?”

  • I agree, and I’d like to see Kamala in his place!

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