Somewhat Annoying

After being tortured, and held without trial for 9 years, Abd Al-Rahim Al-Nashiri faces a kangaroo tribunal at Guantanamo for bombing the U.S.S. Cole.

6 thoughts on “Somewhat Annoying

  1. I dunno, Ted, the anagrams of his first name are ‘bad’ and ‘dab’ . . .as in ‘dabbling in terrorism.’ He’s also categorically guilty of having an Arabic sounding name.

  2. Well – I simply don’t know what the evidence IS against him. IF it IS overwhelming, and he was caught red-handed, then the 9 years was too good for him, and I wish that he had been shot in his apprehension rather than costing us so much time and money grinding him through our system of injustice. IF the evidence IS TRULY poor and kangaroo-like, then we are at fault, and he should be given compensation and sent home. What ever happened to thinking first before reacting without knowledge of what happened – Ted – this is the same tactic FOX News uses to mislead people!

    • @rikster, The point is that, without a fair and open trial against a defendant, there is never any way to assess his or her guilt. Since the burden of proof is on the prosecution, and they refuse to give him a real chance to defend himself before they potentially execute him, it’s reasonable to assume that they don’t have much if any evidence. If they had an open-and-shut case, they’d probably present it.

  3. Mr. Rall: ‘Fair and open trials’ are so 20th century. We now know it is far, far better to execute 1,000 innocents than to let a single guilty terrorist with a WMD get away. Only the loony left still believe in such anachronisms as ‘trials’, ‘juries of peers’, or anything except the Executive keeping America safe by killing all its enemies, and the definition of ‘enemy’ is strictly relegated to the US Presidency.

    So stop complaining. Stop protesting. The US executive knows what is best, and the tortureenhanced interrogation and execution of anyone who doesn’t believe that the US is the very best nation, the nation which always does the right thing, MUST be carried out ASAP.

    We call this American exceptionalism.

  4. Let’s put it this way: even Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski had their days in an open court, with plenty of opportunity for legal counsel and defense (and I’m not claiming their cases were or were not full of legal holes). Why isn’t that opportunity secured to those detained at Gitmo? What makes “state security” so special? It has always been an all-embracing term used by police states from Soviet Russia to Nazi Germany to throw opponents in the slammer and use kangaroo courts on them.

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