Signs of Impending Doom

The Democratic establishment is freaking about the fact that Bernie “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders is now the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

3 thoughts on “Signs of Impending Doom

  1. Not to worry, Ted – the DNC, aided by the corporate media in your country (and abroad) will surely succeed in preventing Mr Sanders from becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee, much less US president. Sleep tight and no suicidal ideation !… 😉


    • The DNC saw how Trump won the Republican nomination: more than 10 stayed in for the first dozen or so primaries, splitting the anti-Trump vote, which was about 60% of the party. The DNC will force it down to a two man race, with one of the two being Joe, who had been picked years ago. They’ll do whatever it takes. As in 2016, they’ll say Sanders is just like McGovern against a Trump he’ll make look like Nixon, and Joe is just like Johnson and will make Trump look just like Goldwater. After all, it worked in 2016, until Russia hacked the polling machines and changed Secretary Clinton’s honest 175% of the vote to the fake 48%.

  2. The misnamed Democratic Party would not fear democracy if it were really democratic.

    Not so clever Oligarchic Corporatists, cover blown, fear democracy.

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