Shared Sacrifice

The country is broke! Now it’s time for everyone, rich and poor, to roll up their sleeves (if they have any) and pitch in.

13 thoughts on “Shared Sacrifice

  1. The country is broken, all right! Can you imagine a country in which people like Newton Gingrich or “Mitt” Romney would be possible leaders!

    On the other hand, we have Ron Paul, who sounds good on returning the the wise foreign advice of our 1st President, George Washington: not to meddle in the affairs of foreign states. Dr Paul constantly refers to the Constitution, which is fine, especially since our current President and Congress have forgotten it. But we had another basic law before the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation. They created the small, weak central government that Dr Paul seems to favor. Dr Paul: the Articles were a failure! That is why we have the Constitution now.

  2. Force the corporations to bring back the majority of all jobs offloaded to foreign nations. (Yeah – you’ll have to pay $250 for that iPhone instead of $200) – Force the banks and investment companies to stop leveraging themselves out of existence and be fiscally honest. Cut the bloated military and throw that wasted money into rebuilding the USA’s infrastructure (sorry, no more foreign wars or police actions all over the planet) In other words – stop letting the corporations run everything and rip us all off in every direction possible.

  3. @ innocent victim –
    I couldn’t even imagine a mediocre B-movie actor in the White House! It’s been downhill ever since for the Republican Party. Yet, today they view him as a demigod.

  4. wish i could post this on facebook so my 866 friends could actually see it instead of some weird blue box with something like looks like a power symbol. i don’t get it. don’t you want your work disseminated more widely? i’ve mentioned this several times already.

    • @pork: It’s a tech glitch. This blog uses the comic press theme of WordPress, which for some reason doesn’t allow cross posting of images to Facebook. However, you could friend me over on FB. I post my toons there too.

  5. @Ted, yep, it’s easy to be generous and giving when you are worth a quarter billion dollars.

    @rikster . . .you’re sounding like a communist….COMMUNIST!!!!! Take him away, how dare he pretend We The People have a right to self determination and decision-making!!!!

    The only reason I don’t turn you into Hoover and his goons now is because…well…he’s dead…and they don’t actually pay for that

  6. @Pork, the best way is to save the image to your desktop, then upload it, rather that just posting the link….then hope that Ted doesn’t find you and sue you for copyright infringement

  7. @derlehrer: Very frustrating that the cast of characters (who all lack character!) is so poor that an ideologue out of the 18th century (Ron Paul) seems to me the best choice from the majors. Can you imagine! OK, if you don’t think it a good idea for the federal government to provide a social safety net, Dr Paul, do you have another idea? Would you, Dr Paul, have the 50 states provide 50 old age pensions, health-care plans, regulations for food and drug safety, workplace safety, consumer protection? How would you get them to do this? Isn’t that difficulty why we have a federal SS, etc.? Or would you have no safety net at all? The good doctor never answers these questions.

  8. Well, when I searched I found six different accounts for “Ted Rall” — three without any indication if it might be the cartoonist., all of which allowed “Add Friend”; one was “Subscribe”; and two (including Fan Club) allowed only “Like”!

    Tell ya what, Ted — look me up and add me as “Friend”: Donald Wayne Williams

  9. I suspect Ted is here working on an illustration for the modern version of the quote often attributed to a certain Benjamin Franklin : «[w]e must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately»….


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