Seems Like Everyone is Running for the 2020 Democratic President

There are now 22 formally announced candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. Since very few have a chance of winning, the real reason many are running is to raise their profile. But how will such a big field of contenders dilute the chances of the most viable candidate?

5 thoughts on “Seems Like Everyone is Running for the 2020 Democratic President

  1. When I win, I will have my opponents rounded up and made to beautiful highways…

    Although I am worried that all these derps will hinder Sanders’ chances of winning without superdelegate sabotage, I think it is also possible that the dnc scam of flooding the field will backfire on them, that a lot more people will vote for Sanders because the desperation and obvious deception are just too glaring now, and it’ll be like one of those Perry Mason courtroom scenes where the guilty person confesses in open court.
    The NYTimes has a piece right now about Trump’s finances but the article only covers a period from many years ago. So the response will be predictable. Trump will claim he’s doing fine now and that the Times had to dig back all that way because there’s no story now. And maybe he’s telling the truth. Or maybe he’s lying. But he’s right that the story only covers info from decades ago.

    • Now that so many candidates are now posing as social democrats, how will primary voters be able to find the lifelong Real Bernie hidden among all of the fake expedient recent converts to Bernie-ism?

  2. I would like to see Bernie run as a Republican so that he can run directly against Trump and avoid being lost in the crowd of Dumocrats.

    Fox News was shocked by the support Bernie received from a studio audience on their network.

    And then maybe Bernie can lose his fake Russia-gate appeasement to the Democratic Party.

    The flawed Mueller investigation ended prematurely, well before it revealed who paid for and started the fake Russia-Trump collusion hoax that costed millions of dollars.

    Plus, the Republicans might let the voters decide who their candidate will be, unlike the Democrats, whose primaries function as non-binding referenda, as the party revealed in their defense in a lawsuit brought against the DNC for the return of donations to the Bernie Sanders campaign by people who naively thought their votes really would decide who their candidate would be.

  3. Yeah, he usta be a dummycrat. He’s doin’ a lot of the stuff he usta criticize Obama for. So why not?

    Continuing on with the discussion of whether he’s the Worst. President. Ever. Idjit’s threatening another / more better trade war, and my IRA immediately took a hit.

    Trade wars are bad for everyone (much like shootin’ wars) I seriously believe Komrade Trumpinov simply wants to start one ‘cuz then he’d be a War President and that’s cool.

    Trump doesn’t actually understand how international trade works in the first place. He puts a tariff on steel, that tariff is paid by Americans – not the country of origin. That steel makes make various manufacturing more expensive, so fewer cars are built, fewer are bought and more autoworkers are laid off. American cars are more expensive, so furriners start buying and selling cars to each other instead of buying American …

    He keeps saying we ‘got a bad deal’ and he’s gonna make us a better one. But I’ve never heard him actually articulate what’s bad and how his proposals that will be any better. I don’t think he’s ever read those agreements. They’ve been hammered out over decades, and really, truly, do accurately reflect supply and demand to a large degree. Where they don’t, it’s almost always the US getting the bigger piece of the pie anyway, so what’s to change?

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying that international trade is perfect as is. It’s a compromise between a lot of dirty-dealers and a few honest ones, but blowing it up is just overcompensating for something.

    Here’s a dystopian future for you. Trump renegotiates some big stuff as a result of his war. But then he reneges on the deal just like he always does, and hilarity ensues.

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