Say It Ain’t So, Robinette

The National Archives has 5,400 emails and records linked to a pseudonym allegedly used by then-Vice President Joe Biden to discuss business with Ukraine with his son Hunter. Biden appears to have used at least three pseudonyms: Robert L. Peters, Robin Ware and JRB Ware, in order to dodge the Freedom of Information Act.

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  • alex_the_tired
    September 6, 2023 7:27 AM

    Have other presidents done the same? Without context, I don’t know whether this actually matters. It sure sounds dodgy though. But with SocMed and the internet, it’s easy for distortions to take off. I sure miss the days of editors and finite sources of information. I mean, you knew you had to be skeptical still, but there was a lot less dross to weed out.

  • Yep!! I love it! The Dems are just as bad but it’s better if we just don’t talk about it. No activating the crazy fring-o left! They will come for my 401k!

  • Many of us have separate e-mail addresses for work and personal. I do contract work so I have multiple work e-mail addresses. I also have multiple personal e-mail address; one for family and other close connections, one for businesses I expect to spam me, etc. I have an e-mail address that I use for posts to blogs like this one. The news reports that I read said that Joe Biden was doing pretty much what I do and that all of his accounts were recorded for the Freedom of Information Act. If you have evidence otherwise, please share it.

    • We may use aliases for ordering sneakers online, logging on the onlyfans or whatever the cool kids are using these days, and commenting on the Rall blog.

      I’ll go on a limb and say that none of our parents would use fake names to communicate with family let alone when discussing anything remotely business related. And If you’re holding public office you shouldn’t be caught dead pulling something like that.

      This story actually reminds me of the Russian alpha server encryption scare which ran for days even though it had no legs. Just imagine they would have had even this tidbit on Trump senior and junior… so Ted is well within his remit to speculate here.

      It seems that for everything they threw at Trump and couldn’t ever shut up about, there is something worse going on with the Bidens (not to defend Trump who is shady as hell). This does not bode well for someone whose main platform is not being Trump.

      In polite cleptocratic circles one would throw money at an oil company linked to the Bushes or donate a couple of million bucks to a foundation named after the Clintons. Trump was supposed to be the crude outlier who took his bribes too directly by having people book a room at Mar-a-lago. We know Hunter Biden had a lucrative no-show job sitting on the bloody board of a top conglomerate in the country we are currently arming to the teeth to usher in the apocalypse. There seem to be credible leads for kickbacks to the senior Biden’s coffers that in a functioning state we would be openly discussing – and those email pseudonyms would be a prominent footnote.

      • “Hunter Biden had a lucrative no-show job” — yes, we call people like him lobbyists. A lobbyist gets paid by a corporation to beg favors of people the lobbyist knows. The job is “no show” in that it has nothing to do with the business’s processes of creating goods and services for consumers; instead it is all about handshakes and who you know. The job is immoral as hell in my book, but it turns out to be legal. The part that would be illegal is if a lobbyist gives money (or goods or services) to a person they are lobbying, as in to Clarence Thomas. If you have credible evidence of kickbacks to Joe Biden, please take it to a grand jury.

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