Say Anything

As Republicans switch their talking points back and forth over taxes and Obamacare, it’s worth remembering that this is merely the latest example of their willingness to say and do anything to get their way in an argument.

4 thoughts on “Say Anything

  1. The Constitution, and laws as well, should be written in some obscure or dead language such as Latin so interpretations would not be so easily contrasted with its language by the hoi polloi.

    The ruling elite have made their control of the people so unnecessarily complicated by educating the public to be readers and justifying their own personal interests by reference to a document that would serve the elite better if it was secret.

    So let’s cut education, close libraries, and burn the books that inflame dissent. Most people wouldn’t mind this; and dictatorship would be more easily achieved.

    Who’s going to complain (some eggheads?) while the ignorant willingly allow their wealth be frittered away on one profitable but unnecessary and unwinnable war after another?

  2. Glenn, burning books and closing libraries, while fun, is superfluous – so long as television lives, the task of dumbing down the people is in good hands. And don’t ever think of banning political ads on TV – that *would* indeed make enslaving the people more difficult….


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