Drop Out, Buy In

Democrats say that Donald Trump is incredibly dangerous and cannot be allowed to ever be president again. If they really feel that way, why are they re-nominating Joe Biden? It’s not like he’s the strongest possible candidate.

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  • Why? Because … “OUR blubbering, blathering, arrogant, corporate ass-kissing, belligerent, deranged, blood-thirsty, global perpetual-war monger and genocide-enabler … don’t stink!!!”

    I hope we are clear on this.

  • alex_the_tired
    January 29, 2024 8:02 AM

    I am reminded of Antony’s speech in “Julius Caesar” about “honorable men.” DeSantis is far from an outlier in this regard. Numerous politicians have kissed the ring. Even Bernie Sanders got behind Joe Biden for (checks notes) the greater good. Ah, yes, compromise, by any other name, would stink to high heaven. (And that’s three Shakespeare references in one post.)

  • New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC rate Biden as one of our best presidents ever. We need someone who will get NATO to destroy Russia, and the New York Times tell us that Biden’s brilliant support has enabled the Ukraine to kill 90% of Putin’s army and destroy 80% of Putin’s tanks, while the sanctions have destroyed the Russian economy, so regime change is right around the corner, and then all the Russian oil and gas can be returned to their rightful owners, US oiligarchs.
    Reality doesn’t quite match, but reality is easily outweighed by our mainstream media.

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