Right Attacks Hillary From Left

Right-wing groups are feeding material attacking Hillary Clinton from the left in the hope that it will weaken her support among progressives. What are liberals supposed to do, ignore her perfidy because they’re learning about it from conservatives?

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  • The delicate balance: these reich wing groups may convince fewer lefters to not vote for the Generalisssima than they convince their own ilk that she is conservative enough to vote for.

  • Lol. “Progressives” have been dupes of the right-wing for decades.

    Nor are they the “base” they’ve deluded themselves into thinking they are.

    • Oh, and liberals are supposed to do what’s best for the country (keep the Republicans out of power) rather than attempt to assuage their hurt feelings about Hillary’s lack of “purity”.

      • @crazyh
        “> No one with functioning brain cells 
 thought Obama was liberal.”

        Thanks for confirming that “progressives” don’t have functioning brain cells and projected what their Republican overlords said onto him instead of paying attention.

        “And yet you voted for him anyway.”

        Like everyone else who wasn’t duped by the Republicans and who gets how the system ACTUALLY works, I voted for him because he was the best of the two electable choices.

        Anything else is just a Republican inspired delusion.

        “> Worked like a charm, too.

        My point exactly.”

        Thanks for confirming that easily duped “progressives” are aiding and abetting the Republican party in their quest to to turn America into a fascist theocracy. I didn’t realize we agreed quote that much

      • Anyone who keeps repeating the same fruitless behaviors while expecting different results is in no position to disparage other peoples’ intelligence.

      • Whimsy: your latest nonsense seems to revolve around brain cells – okay, here’s your chance to demonstrate your superior intellect.

        Let’s say you’ve got a dog that’s misbehaving. You want to change his behavior. You can:

        A) Punish him when he misbehaves
        B) Reward him when he misbehaves
        C) Reward him when he behaves properly

        Be prepared to defend your response.

    • uhhhh, no. It’s the people voting for ‘democrats’ who’ve been the RW dupes. Can you imagine they actually thought Obama was a liberal? Now the same dupes are gearing up to vote for Hillary.

      • What do we have to do to get a nominee that is outside the circle of bought-and-paid-for politicians? Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren are my kind of candidates — if only.

      • uhh no. It’s the people who put Republicans in power because Democrats aren’t “pure” enough or because Democrats did not deliver the entirety of their goals immediately (never mind that no one could) who are the dupes.

        Republicans tricked “progressives” into believing the best way to make progress or push the Democrats left was to put Republicans in power when the Democrats didn’t deliver the impossible immediately (not that anyone could) and have been enjoying the benefits of their dupes ever since.

        No one with functioning brain cells who was paying attention to what the man said and did thought Obama was liberal. That was a ruse perpetrated by Republicans and their unwitting accomplices (“progressives”) so that instead of getting credit for all the good things Obama did, the Obama dupes (“progressives”) would spread the message that he should be punished by not expanding the Democrats control of Congress in 2010 (Whereas had he been rewarded in proportion to his achievements, we would not be in anywhere near the mess we are in now.)

        Worked like a charm, too.

      • > No one with functioning brain cells … thought Obama was liberal.

        And yet you voted for him anyway.

        > Worked like a charm, too.

        My point exactly.

      • This is what happens when the voter is forced to choose between “the lessor of two evils”!

        What needs to be done to get a REAL choice who speaks for the American People?

    • @Crazy “Anyone who keeps repeating the same fruitless behaviors while expecting different results is in no position to disparage other peoples’ intelligence”

      Once again, you’re speaking about “progressives”, rather than I. Thanks for confirming my point, yet again.

      “Let’s say you’ve got a dog that’s misbehaving. You want to change his behavior. You can:

      A) Punish him when he misbehaves
      B) Reward him when he misbehaves
      C) Reward him when he behaves properly

      Be prepared to defend your response.”

      Unfortunately for you, “progressives” are going with D) Punish him when he behaves properly.

      They do this because they’ve been duped by their right wing overlords into believing far more can get accomplished in the extremely limited time span between elections.

      But you are right about one thing- they don’t necessarily do this because they lack intelligence. Some of them are just prideful and think they are too intelligent to be duped.

      But to those of us who look at history without blinders on and a knowledge of how the system ACTUALLY works it’s very clear they have been.

      The Democrats aren’t misbehaving- realistically, they’ve accomplished between 85-90% of what could actually be accomplished given current conditions.

      If “progressives” would get a clue and a realistic view of what is ACTUALLY able to be accomplished in the eyeblink between elections, and start rewarding democrats for behaving properly it would start an upward spiral that would get the things “progressives” claim to want accomplish far faster than the failed strategy theyve been doubling down on for the past 40 years.

      • wait … what?

        Failed strategy of the last forty years: vote for the mainstream dems put up by your right wing overlords.

        Your strategy: vote for the mainstream dems put up by your right wing overlords.

      • @ CrazyH –
        You nailed it!
        That is priceless!!!

      • @Crazy- “Failed strategy of the last forty years: vote for the mainstream dems put up by your right wing overlords.”

        This is a Republican created delusion you’ve been duped into believing. . And you either wont or can’t understand my strategy because to do so would mean admitting you were duped.

        ACTUAL failed strategy of the last 40 years:
        Ask for things no one could give you in a single election cycle
        Throw a temper tantrum because the Democrats didn’t deliver said things, in their entirety , immediately because you’ve been duped into believing far more can be done in an election cycle than is actually possible
        Help Republicans win by throwing away your vote by not voting for the Democrat and trying to get as many others as possible to waste their votes by spouting Republican inspired utter bullcrap like ‘Both parties are the same’ and ‘corporate overlords’
        Get ignored by the Democrats and whine about it
        Go deeper into delusion when your Republican overlords whisper in your ear :’The only reason the punishment strategy isn’t working is because you didn’t do it HARD enough’

        My strategy: reward the Democrats for the massive successes they achieve (usually 85-90% of what is possible in an election cycle) thus giving them more incentive to listen to you/give you what you want and increase their control in Congress – making it more possible to achieve things. Sit back and watch the things you claim to want get accomplished at a speed that will make your head spin.

      • @ Whimsical –
        I pegged you as a troll many months (years?) ago, but this your latest merely proves the accuracy of my judgment.
        As a rule, I don’t respond to trolls — but I’ll make a one-time exception in this case.
        It is apparent to me that you are subverting the comments of CrazyH, who is taking quotes from your posts — and are attempting to make them appear to be his position in your ridiculing of them.
        In actuality, you are ridiculing your own remarks and making yourself look the fool.
        I have yet to see anything you’ve posted that is coherent or advocating a logical strategy. All I’ve seen is repetitive accusations of what you deem to be an errant course.
        Personally, I would like to see you offer some intelligent alternatives, rather than infantile accusations.
        Are you up to the task?

    • @der-

      I have repeatedly offered not only a highly intelligent strategy, but the only one that stands a chance of making, in time, the changes necessary to save this nation from becoming a fascist theocracy. That you seem unable or unwilling to comprehend it is your problem, not mine.

      Like most “progressives”, Crazy has bought into Republican inspired delusions, and is far more invested in what “feels good right now” (i.e. bashing Democrats) than adjusting a long term strategy to get the things they claim to want accomplished.

      My strategy can, and would get EVERYTHING progressives want accomplished in a little more than a generation, but “progressives” are unwilling to do the work to rid themselves of their delusions and gain the patience necessary to ACTUALLY accomplish anything. They’re too wed to this ridiculous fantasy of “crash” or “revolution” and wont wake up until it bites them in the ass- most likely when the Republicans are thanking “progressives” for helping them achieve their goals- and then tossing their delusional asses in prison.

      So, given the obvious delusions that “progressives” are unable or (more likely) too wrapped up on their own narcissism; i.e. unwilling to get rid of, they deserve far more than the gentle ribbing I gave Crazy here.

      After all, if you don’t have a thick skin, you should probably stay off the Internet

      • When I read «Whimsical»’s remarks regarding the «highly intelligent [sic !] strategy» which s/he «has repeatedly offered», I can’t but be reminded of the immortal final stanza from Robert Burns’ To a Louse, On Seeing one on a Lady’s Bonnet at Church :

        O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
        To see oursels as others see us!
        It wad frae monie a blunder free us
        An’ foolish notion:
        What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us,
        And ev’n Devotion!

        With the above, I do not wish to imply that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Lady in question, nor that «Whimsical» is the louse…. 😉


      • @ Whimsical –

        More of the same drivel with nothing of substance, referring to some non-existent “…highly intelligent strategy….” without explanation.

        You’ve had your chance — so now I’m done with you, Troll.

      • «… so now I’m done with you, …»Despite your friendly smile – at least when posing with William J – I must conclude that you are a hard man, mein geschĂ€tzter Lehrer – hard but just…. 😉


      • DL & MH – Actually I’m starting to wonder whether it’s a paid shill. (And if so, is it paid by the RNC or the DNC? – either one benefits from maintaining the status quo.)

      • (And if so, is it paid by the RNC or the DNC? …) Toss a (two-headed/two-tailed) coin…. 😉


      • @ mhenriday –

        Au contraire, mon frĂšre!

        I think I made it clear that I was giving one chance to validate one’s authenticity as a serious contributor.

        Failing that, this person has proved to be not worth my time and shall henceforth be ignored. A mutual exchange of ideas is always welcome, but if there are no ideas (or “strategy”) forthcoming, what is the point? After all, if there is no substance to the posts, why bother?

      • That’s why I added «… but just», mein geschĂ€tzter Lehrer…. 🙂


      • @ mhenriday –

        That didn’t escape me — but some folks need their noses rubbed in it.


      • Thank you for proving my point, gentlemen.

        Given that my tween niece and her 4 year old sister understand, can articulate and agree that my strategy is the best hope for giving them and their children a liveable world , I am forced to conclude the following:

        Either you, and by extension all “progressives” are not as bright as small (albeit exceptionally bright) children

        OR (and this is far more likely) : You are too invested in the emotional high you get from bashing Democrats to actually do the work necessary to educate yourselves on how the system works, how little can actually be accomplished in the eyeblink between elections, and how much difference their actually is between the two parties.

        God knows you’d rather stay in your little delusional bubble then actually make progress on the goals you claim to want.

        Congratulations, YOU are the very reason for the rightward shift of the country you whine about, and will continue to whine about rather than fix.

        You prove it every time you open your mouths.

      • @ mhenriday –

        Have you yet seen any “strategy” from that TROLL who continues to claim the solution to all the political problems in the U.S.?

        I haven’t — and I’ve invited said TROLL to present the “strategy” before. All that is forthcoming is more of the same tripe.

        I read, but I will not waste my time in any further attempts. There is only so much “ya-da-ya-da-ya-da” that a sane person can tolerate.


      • Mein verehrte Lehrer, please find – and comment upon, in the event you feel so inclined – my latest response to signature «Whimsical» on this thread ; http://rall.com/comic/hillary-instagram….

        S/he’s a gas !… 😉


      • «Given that [«Whimsical’s»] tween niece and her 4 year old sister understand, can articulate and agree that [«Whimsical’s»] strategy is the best hope for giving them and their children a liveable world….» The only conclusion that can be drawn from the premise above is that «Whimsical’s»] so-called strategy appeals to (some) four-year.olds and their slightly older sisters. I find this a most reasonable notion, but perhaps possessing somewhat more experience than these «exceptionally bright». children – yet another argument against the her edibility of intelligence, or at least its transfer ability from uncles to nieces – I regret to say that I remain unconvinced. Denigrating «progessives» as if s/he were a bona fide – difficult as it is to apply such an adjective to Whimisical – member of the DNC will not, alas, wash…. 😉


      • @ mhenriday-

        With regard to your request (June 13, 2015 at 7:34 AM) I posted a response addressed to you, just a few minutes ago.

        I will not give TROLLs the satisfaction of responding directly to their comments, judging it to be a complete waste of my time.


  • Just think: If Bill Clinton hadn’t been married to Hillary, he might have become President of the United States!

  • Or how about, “The Dems and the Pugs are just two sides of the same coin” … forever opposing each other just enough to never let a more sane alternative political party get a word in edgewise..


  • I’ve half a mind to vote for the pug-lickin’ this time around (half a mind is a rereq for voting for pug-lickin’s anyway)

    I figure that we need to tear down the system in order to build a better one. The pugs’ll bring it all crashing down all the faster.

    • The Republican party thanks your for your assistance in helping them turn America into a fascist theocracy.

      Yes, the Republicans will crash things faster- that’s their PLAN. They will then take control of the rebuilding and what they will rebuild America into will make you long for the days when Democrats were in charge, and sorry you ever brought into Republican bs.

  • Sanders officially announced his campaign today.
    His speech can be seen at the link below:

    NOTE: “Real” Democrats are forbidden to vote for this candidate … by Wall Street, the DNC, the DCCC, the DSCC, the Generalisssima herself and W. W. “I never heard of George Wallace” Whimsy

  • As someone writing from the outside looking in – which alas, is only a half truth ; as I write NATO (read the USA) is using one-third of my country as a bombing range, our «Minister of Defence» has recently been in Washington, seeking «closer cooperation», and the United States is going to set up a passport control at Arlanda aeroport outside Stockholm, so that people travelling to the United States can be «pre-processed» before they embark (I haven’t heard that passengers flying to Stockholm from the United States will be «pre-processed» in a Swedish passport control before embarking from, say, New York) – I must say that the prospect of 20 January 2017 hardly fills me with joy. That assuming we get that far and that Mr Obama, anticipating his successor, doesn’t manage to start a war with Russia and/or China which manages to bring H sapiens sapiens short happy life on the planet to a fiery end…. 🙁


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