Respect Pooism!

From vaccinations against measles to some Muslims’ assertion that no one should draw Mohammed, we are constantly being told that we should respect religion. But why should we respect or accommodate beliefs with which we disagree?

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  • Hey Ted,

    So who’s the MF’r telling everybody that they just GOT to inject their bodies with toxic poisons? The INSTITUTION WHORSHIPPING COPRASCIENTEGRITISTS!

    SO, let’s look at their life-saving MEASLES needle-squirt “failure,” where — at Disneyland — 50 or so people out of hundreds of millions have been infected, are now (a month or so later) pretty-much okay (and permanently immune, by consequent) because GOOD SCIENCE (proper medical treatment and quarantine-care) has been used to assist them.

    Let’s say the last 10 years of failed vaccination-compliance caused this “outbreak,” though at least as much proof exists that this outbreak was caused by poor vaccine quality of an already vaccinated child. For the last 10 years, America has had no measle deaths. IT HAS HOWEVER produced (from the vaccine-addicted community) 108 deaths BECAUSE OF VACCINE-incompatibility!

    STATISTICALLY, good nutrition and dogma-free medical treatment while suffering from measles will save any child from (permanent) harm MUCH MORE OFTEN than any fucking measles-vaccine.

    Just as Scientology is not really science, treating vaccine-dispensers like G_d’s chosen spokesperson not science either. It’s only the “new-cult” religion of corporatism.


    • … chosen spokesperson IS not science either. ”

      bad edit ~


      • There’s always a minority report. Condemning anti-Vacc’ers along with religiously insane “hajis” (or no less insane Christianites, or murderously insane JZionists) is a false dichotomy. Presuming that those who distrust corporately-capitalistic, vaccine manufacturers are somehow “unscientific” is fundamentally dishonest. Perhaps these parents (or otherwise consumers) are just looking at the documented evidence that’s not being advertised, because that evidence could (will!) interfere with some bottom-line.

        Almost always, dogma is not science. Presuming all vaccines to be safe is not science.


    • The 108 deaths (in ten years), even if true, means very little in the absence of pre-vaccine measles death statistics for comparison.

      • Doncha’ see? measles deaths in the early years were so virulently oppressive because — while people had been informed about hygiene, none really knew about the disease-resistant circumstance of vitamin-enhanced nutrition. As the American diet educationally became expansive in the early sixties, the death-rate of disease-exacerbated illness became almost nonexistent.

        All the vaccine in the world can be applied, but if the nutrition fails, the patient still dies.


    • Leaving aside the well-known problems with adverse events reporting systems, «DanD» might want to consider that one of the reasons no deaths in the US from measles have been reported since 2003 may just be the widespread vaccination programme in that country, i e, that this statistic may be a measure of the efficacy of «fucking measles-vaccine[s]». rather than a measure of the putative harmlessness of the disease, which has, indeed, been known to kill people….

      Please note that pointing out these facts is hardly the same thing as «treating vaccine-dispensers like G_d’s chosen spokesperson» – only signature «DanD» would seem to qualify for that position….


  • The system worked as designed.

    Monkeys exchange taunts with other monkeys under the rights granted to lesser monkeys by the big monkey.

    The big monkey stands by, seeing in these taunts no violation of its dominion.

    One lesser monkey then kills another lesser monkey. The big monkey sees this as an assault on its sovereign rights. The big monkey then kills the usurper of its self-proclaimed monopoly right to kill in support of its dominant position, thereby sending a message to the lesser monkeys.

    All rights have been respected and order, such as it is, has been restored.

    Who could ask for more?

    If the big monkey attempts to impose speech controls on lesser monkeys it will diminish his position in the eyes of the lesser monkeys by his entry into lesser monkey frays.

    Nor will this please the lesser monkeys. To do so will only result in greater conflict among all the monkeys, among them many who desire affirmation of their privileged position and taunting rights in this particular monkey hierarchy.

  • Everyone should equally respect Radical Islam and accept their actions without judgment or criticism. 🙁

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