Republicans Reply to Trump

The Republican Party is trying to rein in Donald Trump after his remarks saying that many Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals. They don’t want anyone to think the GOP is a racist party, even though history, and the fact that Trump is now running second in the polls, indicate otherwise.

7 thoughts on “Republicans Reply to Trump

  1. According to the latest poll His Trumpiness is the leading GOP contender. Which sounds just really, really scary until you notice that he’s favored by only 15% of the mentally rightarded.

    I am absolutely loving watching the GOP fracture, knowing they did it to themselves. They’ve been playing wedge issue games for so long that they drove deep divisions into their own party. Historically their power has come from their rock hard solidarity. But rocks are brittle

  2. DTrump is an ass. Not only that, but DTrump is an obnoxious ass. The political incorrectness of DTrump is absofuckinglutely horrible! Have you ever noticed, DTrump has never known a truly good-hair day? DTrump is also very obscenely rich.

    Meanwhile, DTrump tells the tasteless truth about how illegal migrants from south-of-the-border are, throughout the South-West (and the rest of the U.S.) multiple-offender sex-criminals, often against children … (conservatively) by the thousands.

    Mostly because of how DTrump is telling the bald-faced truth, the rest of America’s corporate media is demanding that EVERYONE reject that eversodistasteful truth, mostly because it is being so viciously disclosed by an abusively rich asswipe who is homesteading a genetically altered ferret on his head, The DTrump.

    This American Corporate Media spin-plan seems to be working too. Instead of factually confirming the statistics, America’s hoi-polloi are condemning the messenger. Flushing the asswiped DTrump. At least, that’s what the corporate media is proclaiming. Meanwhile, the vote-counters are laughing their asses off.


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