When a Strange Congressman Calls

Congressional Republicans say it’s too dangerous to transfer Gitmo detainees to the United States. But what are they worried about? No one has ever escaped from one of the federal Supermax prisons where they’d be sent…not that any has ever attempted to escape in the past.

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  • I suggest, Ted, that the dear congressmen are primarily concerned with competition from outsiders for those – in their case, at least – lucrative posts as «dangerous terrorists» (but, as we have seen, they are quite happy to sponsor such positions in places like Syria and Iraq – or, dare I mention it ? – Libya)….


  • Is there any evidence that any GITMO prisoner who’s been released back to a third-world hell-hole, has ever travelled back (for the first time …) to the US of A in order to achieve some kind of retaliatory attack?

    Rather, isn’t it much more likely that the poor MFr would develop hives simply to contemplate returning to this hemisphere? It’s not just Repugs, even the Dems know we can’t let them go to tell the world just how viciously evil our minions of GITMO are.

    America is such a nation of cowards.


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