First They Forced Us To Get Pregnant

Right-wing Republicans are banning abortion and contraception. Rape is probably next. If forced pregnancies are the point, however, their environmental policies will interfere with their agenda.

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  • alex_the_tired
    June 7, 2024 5:06 AM

    The fundamental design concept of modern American politics is quite similar to that of many other parasites.

    It will upset — and I mean hives, bas-relief neck veins, and furious stamping of pwecious widdle feet — many of the democrat-leaning people out there to be told Trump isn’t the source of all their political problems. Biden and all the democrats were in office when Roe v. Wade came to an end. While the Republicans were pursuing their end goal across administrations for decades, the dems sat there like a batch of imbeciles and let abortion and other reproductive issues be underminded.

    Until the democratic rank-and-file voters wake up — Gosh, how did Nany Pelosi become so rich without insider trading being part of it? Jeepers! Good golly gee-willickers jeepers! She isn’t the only one? They’re just as corrupt as the Republicans? They milked the abortion issue for decades of funding?

    Years ago, George Carlin said it perfectly. “You don’t need a formal conspiracy when interests converge. These people went to the same universities, they’re on the same boards of directors, they’re in the same country clubs, they have like interests, they don’t need to call a meeting, they know what’s good for them and they’re getting it.” It is in the democratic leadership’s interests to keep parasitizing the gullible fools who keep voting for them term after term after term.

    In Biden’s first term, Roe v. Wade went the way of the dodo. In whatever alternate reality Biden wins a second term, who knows what he’ll accomplish. But when Trump wins in this gosh darn diddly reality? It’ll be just like as if Biden had. Reproductive rights will continue to be whittled down and octo- and nonagenarians will continue to not take the hard choices that are needed to undo half a century of fuckuppery. But don’t worry, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Pelosis and all the others of their ilk will keep making bank. Just like always.

    And off to moderation.

  • @alex_the_tired I suppose Biden could have pulled a January 6 on the Supreme Court to stop the steal of abortion rights. Is that what you are thinking he should have done? Worrying about the possibility that conservative appointees to the court could overturn Roe, progressives (including many Democrats) have been working hard, and often successfully, at the state level in many places to enshrine abortion rights in state law. If that’s what they should have done … well, they did.

    Yes, insider trading is a cross-party corruption and it should be rooted out. Yes, the Democrats fail on several issues that I care about. Thank you for criticizing them soundly on these. But I think your focus on abortion misses the mark.

  • Banning contraception is part of the Republican jobs program. Think of all the hand jobs and blow jobs it will create!

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