Remember When Military Veterans Ran on Actual Records of Accomplishment?

He was a difficult personality and his policy toward Native Americans was atrocious, but Andrew Jackson had an actual record of military accomplishment when he ran for president. No one could argue that Ulysses S. Grant wasn’t ready for the presidency when he ran. Dwight Eisenhower led the biggest naval armada in human history and played a crucial role in defeating Adolf Hitler. JFK is experience as the captain of the PT 109 during World War II was a legendary example of grace, courage and leadership under terrible circumstances. Now Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, who by all accounts never experienced combat, is bragging about his desk work in Afghanistan to convince us to vote for him.

4 thoughts on “Remember When Military Veterans Ran on Actual Records of Accomplishment?

  1. All of that, of course, will pale in comparison to the challenge ahead: climate change is here. Even Sanders’ ideas aren’t going to be enough. But we need someone like him because not one of the other candidates is even close.
    The next commander in chief is not only going to have to present policy, the next C-in-C is going to have to get the people behind him. And he’s going to have to convince other nations as well.
    Elizabeth Warren? She can’t even come through on healthcare. “My plan is to tentatively try something two or three years in. Uh, maybe.” Remember JFK’s speech about trying (literally) for the moon? If Warren delivered it, she’d stand there saying ” … to kind of try to maybe put a man somewhere near the moon, and maybe get him back alive, at some undetermined point far in the future. As long as it’s profitable to business and doesn’t interfere in any war declarations. I guess.”
    Joe Biden? I doubt he can even find the moon anymore.
    What’s coming will make D-Day look like planning a two-room apartment move.

  2. At the Blumenthal/Norton podcast (Link) one can find that mayor Pete was also in Iraq and in both locations proved that he is eminently qualified for the job of Chief delusional, imperial profiteer of perpetual war.

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