Religious Beliefs of Corporations

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering a lawsuit brought by Hobby Lobby, a corporation whose executives claim their religious beliefs as justification for refusing to provide certain kinds of birth control to their employees under the Affordable Care Act.

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7 thoughts on “Religious Beliefs of Corporations

  1. Simply bizarre. So, if my employer is a Christian “Scientist” then they can legitimately deny me any medical coverage whatsoever, right?

    Hobby Lobby is already paying those people with whom they disagree. For all they know, those dirty sluts might use that money for :: gasp :: birth control. (I know, I know, they don’t like the idea of hiring anything but the pure-of-twat in the first place. Tough cookies.)

    Ain’t nobody getting “forced” to do anything. They voluntarily started up a business in the land ubba free, and as such they have an obligation to follow our rules. They don’t like it here, they can move to Saudi Arabia – where they can enthusiastically stone sexually active women.

  2. Hobby Lobby has always been odd. I was going to apply for a job there when I was a teenager, but then found out there were all Christiany, closing on Sundays. I figured as a militant atheist I wouldn’t fit in.

    All types of birth control does the same thing and more of it means less abortions. It’s about the most obvious thing, but they don’t see that as a plus somehow.

  3. These are just outgrowths of the corporations flexing their muscle as “corporations are People” from Citizen’s United. Don’t get sidetracked by them – the real target should be a concerted effort to repeal Citizens United – When it passed, it marked a new age in corporate control over our legislature. If only we could get a focused concerted effort to repeal it.

    • Forget it. Citizens United will never be repealed. Both political parties benefit too much from unlimited access to corporate campaign contributions. The only answer is to repeal the government.

    • Repealing the Citizens United is easy.

      The hard part is repealing the self-dealt preferential status of the two party duopoly, where members of the duopoly enact “lawful” obstacles to parties “3+” that challenge the US corporate masters.

      And another thing needed: voters that can overcome amnesia inducing corporate propaganda; weak minds will never control their own destiny.

      Equal voting rights mean nothing in the absence of equal candidate rights.

  4. «Cow souls» ? «Higher plane[s]» ? Ted, your strip is a whole spiritual education ! Haven’t seen anything like it since Mme Blavatsky moved on…. 😉


  5. Corporations do not “believe,” instead they are more like computers, they just program (even themselves). In order to believe anything, a person must first have doubt about circumstantial existence. With both corporations and computers there is only a probability factor.

    This is why (until they are “cyborged” to a human host) the computers of an incorporated mastermind will never be born with any human talent.


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