Really, Please Feel Free to Abandon Us

President Donald Trump has ordered the evacuation of all but 800 United States troops from occupied Afghanistan, which the United States invaded 19 years ago. As usual, the media is repeating shibboleths about how the Afghans will feel “abandoned” by the US departure.

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  • alex_the_tired
    December 23, 2020 5:09 AM

    Can anyone explain what the point of leaving 800 soldiers is? It’s almost like sending people a single $600 check. You can’t do much of anything with either. I notice that Trump tweeted about sending out a $2,000 check and Pelosi said sure. She literally has no clue in the world, does she? “Ms. Pelosi, are you saying that Donald Trump was able to do, in a single tweet, 333% better than you could? And what will this mean when the next check, if it ever comes, is less than $2,000?” Perhaps they can blame it on Bernie Sanders?
    Anyway, I hope all the regular cast of regulars have a nice holiday/New Year. And remember, 2021 will be awful, so brace for it now.

  • Now the assassins have been pardoned, you are morally obliged to shield them and their likes from conviction and punishment by the Afghans. Will 600 government thugs be enough to do that and also protect the CIA goons and other contractors handling the opium trade?

  • I think some people there probably do feel abandoned. Mainly those with nontraditional lifestyles that will now face a greater likelihood of an imminent Taliban restoration. The majority would probably be just as happy to see the Americans leave, though. I guess government officials may be nervous as well, but I imagine they can strike a deal for themselves and their families without too much difficulty.

    Leaving 800 troops is indeed pointless and sort of emblematic of the idiotic symbol politics that seem inherent in American democracy. I’m reminded of the stripped-down garrisons of the Reconstruction.

  • The US’s refusal to admit defeat in Afghanistan is about blocking China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative, which would otherwise run right through Afghanistan, imho……

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