Ready for Adolfa

The knee-jerk reaction of Hillary Clinton supporters who primarily want a first woman president to those who question her less than progressive stands on a host of political issues makes one wonder: where is the limit of identity politics?

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  • Great Ted,

    I have the greatest respect for your willingness to put your finger squarely on the window defogger button.

    Now that the window is clear, all that is needed is for people to open their eyes and look through it to see where we are going.

    • You can open someones eyes, but you can’t make them see.

      Religion is natural but science is not.

      Or, said another way.

      Tribalism is natural but logic is not.

  • Adolfa’s next operation will make her black. Then her supporters will be free to call her detractors “racist” as well!

  • Transparenz macht frei!

  • This is a terrible analogy for several reasons. Unlike your more pliant identities trans people are used to going it alone, and we’re also notorious for *not* sticking together. Most of us, for example, wish Zoey Tur would step in front of a bus.

    So we’d be among the least likely people to support a trans candidate, well aside from gays who hate us more than we hate each other because we don’t fit into their cozy little respectability politics.

    The only people that would support a trans candidate are straight liberals.

    Please, don’t project your own tribal loyalty problems onto us. We have enough to worry about.

    PS: Hillary is the great Satan, but even still, I’m not voting for her.

  • aaronwilliams135
    April 27, 2015 11:29 PM

    Outstanding. Captures the worst elements of HRC perfectly.

    I like how you are growing your art these days too. More color. Additional styles.

  • With regard to the hypocrisy exhibited by those supporting Ms Clinton, the article from this International Business Times says it all :

    Busting the Ā«glass ceilingĀ» is all very well, but one might want to question the sanity of those who would do so with thermonuclear weapons (Ā«obliterate IranĀ»). I’m not looking forward to 20 January 2017….


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