Rapist Nation

A Pentagon study estimates that 26,000 victims were sexually assaulted in the military during 2012. And the top Air Force officer in charge of preventing sexual assault has been charged with attacking a woman in a parking lot.

5 thoughts on “Rapist Nation

  1. If the figure for sexual assaults by US military on US military amounts to some 26 000 in one year, one can’t help wondering what the figure for sexual assaults by US military personnel on non-military, and in particular, foreign persons amounts to. Anybody counting ?…


  2. Ted, let me correct that for you : rape is an inevitable concomitant to war, should it happen to be perpetrated by «our» side on the population of a country «we» are occupying – if, however, done by the troops of «our» adversaries, it is a crime that stinks to heaven and which is to be punished by bombing and killing still more people….


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