Quit Complaining About Being Told to Shut Up

As if to make his point for him, Prince Harry’s memoir searingly criticizing the royal family and English culture in general for stifling emotional expression was greeted by…Anglo-Saxons demanding that he stifle his emotions.

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  • The British media is full of the upper-class, “public school*” graduates that Prince Harry palled around with before he met his wife, so of course they want him to shut up, he’s wrecking the false front they all live behind. That false front is that the British class system requires no changes, that the country is not horrendously unequal due to the aristocracy owning huge tracts of land, that the Conservative Party (“the Tories”) knows what they are doing, among many other little things well-known to British people.

    * Private grade and college prep schools, some of which date back to the 18th and 19th century. Lots of abuse via the “f*gging” system where newer students act as pseudo-servants to the older students (resembling the old Soviet “grandfathering” system within the enlisted Soviet military), toilet stalls with no doors until recently, other privations.

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